Chapter 4- Complications

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3rd Person POV

'This isn't good', Midoriya thought to himself. "Alright. Three..Two..One", Yayorozu counted down. Everyone but Todoroki, Bakugou, and Midoriya held out there hands. "C'mon guys you have to..", Kirishima said. Everyone looked at Todoroki's hand, wondering what was inside his fist. "M-My soulmate mark..It's never done that before", Todoroki said. His hand started to glow.

Not too long after his hand lit up, Yayorozu's hand lit up. "Whoa!", Uraraka said. "W-Wait! Show me yours", Todoroki said to Yayorozu. She put her hand a little closer to Todoroki so he can see. "Ghh!", Todoroki groaned. He blushed lightly as he looked at her. It was a black x.

Todoroki opened up his hand hesitantly and held up his hand towards her. Everyone watched the two react to each other's soul marks. "W-...We have the same soul mate marks..", Yayorozu said. They both got up and hugged each other. "Aww..", Kaminari said quietly as he smiled.

As soon as Todoroki and Yayorozu stopped hugging each other, they looked at each other. "I honestly didn't think my soulmate would be going to the same school as me..", Todoroki said. Yayorozu smiled at him while blushing. "That was a surprise", Kaminari said. Kirishima nodded.

"So now that we got Todoroki to open up his hand...How about you two?", Tsu asked. She pointed at Midoriya and Bakugou. Bakugou hid his arms in his sweater, leaving his sleeves soulless. Midoriya blushes a little bit. "D-Do we have to?", He asked. Mina nodded. "All of us showed our soulmate marks besides you two!", Kirishima said with a smirk on his face.

"Alright you us your soulmate marks in three..Two..One..Open!", Yayorozu said. Bakugou opened up his hand and showed everyone. Midoriya looked at it. He noticed that it was half a yin yang, almost like his. "Cmon Midoriya!", Kirishima said. Midoriya and Todoroki looked at each other, knowing exactly what was going to happen. Todoroki nodded at the boy.

Midoriya looked at his hand and slowly opened it. Bakugou looked at Midoriya's hand, growling silently. They both stood up, still looking at their hands. Bakugou tackled Midoriya to the ground. "Dammit Deku!", Bakugou yelled. "Calm down Bakugou!", Kirishima yelled. Midoriya looked at Bakugou, scared of what was going to happen next.

He rolled up Midoriya's left sleeve, revealing bandages. Bakugou rolled up his sleeve as well. He took off Midoriya's bandages, then his bandages. They both had the same exact cuts. "Why would you even do this to yourself when you know damn well you're putting your soulmate through the same thing!?", Bakugou yelled at the smaller boy as he grabbed him by his shirt.

"I only did it because I couldn't take your shit anymore!", He yelled back. Bakugou stopped and looked at Midoriya dead in the eye. Midoriya was breathing heavily. His vision started to get blurry, forgetting about what was happening. "He's hyperventilating. Kirishima get Bakugou off of him", Yayorozu demanded.

"Uraraka, use your quirk on him", Kirishima said as he wrapped his arms around Bakugou. "Right!", Uraraka said as she actives her quirk, touching Bakugou. Bakugou started to float. "Let go of me dammit!", Bakugou said as he tried to get out of Kirishima's grip. "Release", Uraraka said as she released Bakugou from her quirk.

"Midoriya, can you hear me?", Yayorozu asked him. Midoriya looked around as everyone backed up a little bit. Yayorozu used her quirk to make a cloth and a ice pack. "Todoroki, can you keep this cool for a little bit", She said as she handed it to him. Todoroki nodded as he started to cool the ice pack.

Uraraka used her quirk on Midoriya as Kaminari, Jiro, Mina, and Yayorozu carries him to the couch. "And release", Uraraka said. "Wow Yamomo, you really know how to take action in these type of situations", Tsu said as she looked at the boy. "Yeah, I guess all the studying I do really does pay off, but that's not the point", She said.

Todoroki handed her the ice pack. She grabbed it and wrapped it into the cloth and set it on Midoriya's head. "Hang in there Deku", Uraraka said. Midoriya looked around for a little bit but after a while he passed out. "Mina and Tsu, get some bacterial ointment, goss, and bandage tape out of the bathroom", She said as the two girls headed into the bathroom down the hall from the room.

"I can't hold onto him much longer", Kirishima said as Bakugou struggled to get out of his grip. Uraraka activates her quirk and touched Bakugou again, making his weightless. "Thanks", Kirishima said quietly. "Hmm..Ahah", Yayorozu said as she made a needle with some type of liquid (idk what it's called XD).

"Hold Bakugou still.", Yayorozu said. Kirishima backed up a little bit. "Are you trying to drug him?!", He asked her. She nodded. "No? It's like Midnight's mist so it'll only put him asleep for an hour", She explained. Kirishima looked at the needle, then back at Yayorozu, nodding.

"Don't touch me!", Bakugou yelled at her. Yayorozu quickly injected her with the liquid inside the needle. Uraraka started to breathe heavily, releasing him from her quirk. "Mhh...Dammit..Deku..", Bakugou said slowly as he started to pass out. Kirishima let go of him as he layer him down gently on the floor.

"We got the stuff", Jiro said as Tsu and her set the stuff on the coffee table beside the couch. "Tsu, can you bandage Midoriya, I'll bandage Bakugou.", She said. Tsu nodded and started to put the ointment on Midoriya's arm

Yayorozu walked over to Bakugou and looked at his arm. "Geez..How can Midoriya do this to himself?", She asked. Kirishima looked at the cuts that Bakugou had on his arm. "Not sure..Bakugou must have really gotten to him if he thought that cutting was his only way out of it. He should have spoke up before doing something like this to himself", Kirishima said.

After Tsu was done bandaging Midoriya, she handed the stuff over to Yayorozu. "Thanks", She said. She started to put the ointment on his arm. She then wrapped the goss around his arm a couple of times, then taped it. "That should heal by tomorrow", Yayorozu said as her and Kirishima got up.

Kirishima looked at her confused. "It'll take more then a week for those to heal", Kirishima said. Yayorozu held up the ointment. "This is special ointment that helps the skin heal within a day or two.", She said. "..Oh", Kirishima said.

Jiro, Kaminari, Mina, and Kirishima carried Bakugou to the other couch across from the couch that Midoriya was laying on. "Geez..That took forever", Kaminari said. "Yeah", Mina said. "And kinda traumatic".

"Welp, I don't know about you guys but I'm pulling an all nighter", Kaminari said. "Anyone with me?", He asked the others. Everyone looked around at each other, then back at Kaminari. "Why not?", Mina said. "Only until Deku wakes up", Uraraka said. "Same with me", Tsu said. "I can pull an all nighter", Kirishima said. "I use to pull all nighters all the time during the summer", Jiro said.

An hour after the incident happened, Bakugou woke up. "Well what did I tell you Kirishima", She said. She looked over at Kirishima and smiled. "I guess you weren't wrong after all", He said to her. Kirishima and Yayorozu walked over to him. "Hey man, you ok?, Kirishima asked.

Bakugou rubbed his eyes and sat up. "What the hell happened..", He asked in a low, raspy voice. "Ehh...I'll explain later. If you want, you can go back to sleep", Yayorozu said. Bakugou looked at the two and quickly fell asleep. "He's probly tired anyways", Kirishima said. "He does go to sleep at 8:30 and it's currently 11:15", He explained.

'I hope those two are ok in the future. Hopefully Bakugou doesn't abuse Midoriya in anyway', Kirishima thought.


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