Chapter 3- Connected

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3rd Person POV

It's been two weeks after Bakugou and Midoriya fought. "Why would you even do that in the first place anyways?", Iida asked Midoriya. "Because..They're useless to me I mean look at them. They have no use to me what so ever", Midoriya said as he grabbed his horns.

"Y'know..They say if you mess with your soulmate marks or appearances it can mess up the way you feel about your soulmate", Todoroki said. "..In what way?", Midoriya asked the quiet boy. "Like..Say if I tried to cut off my soulmate mark from my body on purpose, it would probably make me feel depressed or really anxious", He explained. Midoriya made a face of regret.

"I feel really stupid now", Midoriya said as the group walked down the sidewalk. "Well..I can explain more if you want me to-", Todoroki said but quickly got cut off. "Please do so", Midoriya said. Todoroki looked at the green haired boy for a few seconds, then started to explain.

"Well..It depends on what kind of soulmate mark or appearance you have. For instance, my soulmate mark is a white x, meaning if I were to get together with someone other then my soulmate, then I would cancel out everything from me..It would basically make me suffer", He said.

"Well..My soulmate mark is half a yin yang", Midoriya said quietly. "What part of the half?", Iida asked. "The white part, why?", He asked Iida. Iida shrugged. "Just curious". "Wait, show me", Todoroki said. Midoriya opened up his hands, revealing his soulmate mark.

"Hmm..", Todoroki said. Midoriya looked at the dual haired boy nervously. "If you were to do something to your soulmate mark..You would probably switch personalities", Todoroki said. Midoriya sighed.

"I don't have to worry too much about it anyways", Midoriya said relieved. "Maybe not your soulmate mark but maybe your horns. You did try to cut them off after all, which lead you to chipping a piece off", Iida said. "O-Oh..Right", The smaller boy said nervously.

Bakugou's POV

"You're like those one type of personas..Not a yandere, but a tsundere?", Kaminari asked as he put his charger in his mouth to charger Jiro's phone. "What the hell is a tsundere?", I asked in a raspy voice. "It's basically an aggressive person who denies everything", Jiro said bluntly.

I looked at them disappointed. "I don't deny everything!", I said. "You kinda do, not to mention the whole 'touching' incident", Shitty hair said kinda disgusted. I yelled at him. "What do you mean the whole 'touching' incident?! You guys over exaggerate too much!". Everyone looked at me confused.

"You're acting like a Tsundere right now", Sero said quietly. "No I'm not flex tape!", I yelled. "You kinda are", Kaminari said as he unplugged Jiro's phone, giving it back to her. "Whatever!", I said. I felt my face starting to heat up.

I finally made it home. I grabbed the extra key my mom gave to me and opened the door. "Look who's finally back", Mitsuki said. She was currently cooking dinner. "What took you so long?", She asked me. "It's not your concern", I said as I walked upstairs and into my room.

I grabbed my phone and looked at the group chat Yayorozu made. There was only half of the class like Deku, Sonic, Rock, Alien, Flex Tape, Pikachu, Air, Astronaut, Ear plugs, Bird Boy, Icy Hot, Frogger, and 3D Printer. "God dammit", I said as I groaned

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Rock: "I forgot this group chat was a thing.."

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