My name is Heaven Meyers and i am a Royal Princess :)

I have blue eyes with brown hair that goes below my waist my hair is naturally straight. I got my blue eyes from my father and my long straight hair from my mother. I have tan legs i have a 4 pack i am the best warrior in the kingdom.

My wolf is White with tribal markings i am bigger than most of the fighters and warriors in the kingdom but the largest is my father and mother.

What happens to Heaven when she has been through a lot with her ex-mates and finds herself a new one while war is happening in two months?

Now lets get to the story


Hi guys thank u for reading this book i am sorry if i dont update on time i still have school to attend but i hope u will like it

My name is Chixka that not my real name but whatever i hope u enjoy your stay and enjoy the book



Heaven on the side ------>
Imagine Heaven with long brown hair and blue eyes :)
If u listen to the song it is really good i know u dont understand but it is really catchy

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