Smile, Your Beautiful :) [Chapter 4]

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The plan was to make the three of them think I love them. The thing that was going to be hard for me is to actually not fall in love with one of them. I never had three boys swooning over me. I was still confused and a little taken back by what was happening. The best I could have is confidence.. but confidence is something I've never had before.

Now, I know its wrong to play with peoples hearts. But I didn't see anything wrong with playing with Jason's heart. Hes hurt me so much... Doing this to Adam and Casey was going to be kind of hard, but they did follow Jason and that is very upsetting.

The good thing about the first day of school is usually they have it on a Friday. This gave me time until Monday to work on how im going to pull this off.

After I got home from the pizza shop, I watched a movie with my parents and then went upstairs. I climbed onto my computer and went on Facebook.

I dialed Morgans number.

"Yes?" She asked in a sing song voice.

"I'm on"

"Are any of them?"

I clicked the chat and searched down the line of names. The only one on was Jason.

"Jason." I said a little shaken. I didn't want him to be the first. Before she could say anything back to me, I heard the bloop of someone iming me on there.

And it happened to be Jason.


"He imed me." I said staring at the screen.




'Hi.' I typed.


'Busy tomorrow?'

"He wants to know if im busy." I said. Why would he care?

"Say maybe whats on your mind?"



"Okay okay. Calm down!"

'Maybe... Whats on your mind?'

Bloop! Bloop!

'You.' and the second one read.'Wanna go to the drive in?'

"He wants to go to the drive in..?" I asked more than stated and Morgan laughed at me.

"Say yes. This is good. I can help you get ready before you go."

"Okay." I said a little depressed at what I was going to do. I know.. It was my idea but people can have doubts about there plans! Its not just me.

'Hmm... Sure. But as friends.' I typed and then smiled. I don't know if he has ever had a girl say that to him before.

'Of course. See you at 8'

With that I signed off.

I looked at the clock and then got up from my desk chair. I walked down the hall, brushed my teeth and put on shorts. After that I climbed into bed with thoughts of the boys.

Today was the day. I sat on my bed reading The Host By Stephanie Meyer, waiting for Morgan to arrive to help me get dressed. My parents were at work, so it was just Doc and I. I was Propped up against my head board and pillows and doc was sound asleep by my feet, his head on my left, and his snoring was

pretty loud.

It was 4:30 and Morgan should be getting here soon.

15 minutes later the door bell was ringing and Doc was running down stairs barking his fat little head off.

I climbed off of my bed and started to walk outta my room, down the hall, and then down the stairs. I didn't feel like being quick since I already knew who it

was. When I finally reached the door doc was calm and sniffing the bottom of the door. I pushed him out of the way and opened up the door.

In front of my stood Morgan of course... but what was funny was seeing her sweating trying to hold the big box of crap. I busted out laughing and she just kept


"What the Hell took you so flipping long! Are you trying to kill me?!" She said trying to say it loud enough so I could hear through my laughing.

"I- Did-nt Kn-ow YOOUU were goi-ng to have a bo-ox of stuff with YOU!" I said through my laughter.

"This is not funny." She said still glaring at me. I stopped laughing.

"Yes, It was. Come on in." I grabbed the box from her and let her through the doorway. I locked the door and started to walk up the stairs to my room. "Whats

in the box?"

"Everything im going to need to make you B E A UTIFUL!"

"Your weird."

"The weirdest!" She said proud.

Once in my room I put the box on my bed and sat down at my desk chair.

"Lets do this!"

She grabbed makeup out of the box and started to apply some to my face. Next came the straightener. I decided not to do anything with myself this morning because I knew Morgan wanted to do it all. She straightened my hair so it was completely straight. My makeup was light and the lip gloss was a pink.

After this, she threw clothes at me.

"Go change." She said smirking.

"Okay." I started to change into the red tank top kinda shirt and then put on the jean shorts. It was simple. It was me. "Thank god its not a skirt."

"I wouldn't do that to you."


this whole process only took an hour. So we went downstairs and I made her mac and cheese. Yum.

"This is all you can make?" She asked looking at the cheesy noodles.

"No, its just the easiest." I spooned some of it into my mouth.

She sighed and started eating. She didn't like mac and cheese to much.

"So, good luck tonight." I looked up to see her smiling at me. "Your going to need."

"Hopefully I wont die." I said pretending to die by falling off my chair and then popping up.

She laughed. "Your creepy."

"Am NOT!" I said sitting back on my stool and crossing my arms.

"Seriously, be careful."

"I will."

Morgan left at 7:30.

It was now 7:50 and I was starting to freak. My parents went out to eat and left me here worrying by myself. Such great parents. I slumped on the couch watching the door... just waiting for the bell to ring.

2 minutes later it did. I got up checked myself in the mirror and opened it up to the devil.

He smiled at me with his perfect white teeth. "Hey there."

"Hi." I said motioning him in. The movie didn't start yet and I still need to put Doc away. He walked into my house and closed the door to the darkness outside. Here I go.


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