Chapter 2-Why?

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~Canada's POV~

America just stared at me blankly. Sure it was weird that I just dismissed The fact I tried to run away, but I didn't know what to say. He slammed the door shut and ran downstairs.

                                                             ~time skip to 6:30 am~

      I woke up again and for some reason I felt bad. It felt like I killed someone and had the guilt on me. Flannel shirt and pants like usual. I stared at the box cutter again, I tried to stop myself. It was too late. I cut over and over. I heard the sound of people downstairs, even though this was normal for some odd reason I was frightened by it. Then i took my bag and ran outside. There were more and more people and it just made me run faster. Even though I know nothing is wrong, I still ran away from people. I wanted to hide for some odd reason. I ran to the bathroom stall and locked myself in. I was finally able to cry.

~time skip till 7:16 am~

An alarm rang on my phone. I then ran to class, and sat down even though I was 14 minutes early. Teachers should usually be early, but no one was there.

~ Germany's POV ~

I looked in my home room class and the only one in there was Canada. Me and Poland could tell he just cried. Poland nudged my arm. "should we go talk to him?" Poland said. I held the door open for Poland and held his hand. We sat down by Canada and asked what happened. He said "nothing." And faked a smile. The three of us talked till class started. I think I made a friend.

~time skip to Third period~
~Canada's POV~
It was gym, right before lunch. The teacher said we could do whatever we wanted to. I was sitting on the bench in till China grabbed me by the collar. He dragged me to a corner of the gym area, and then him and North Korea Took out a pocket knife. The only thing that can save me right now is the lunch bell... They cut me up until I curled up with hands on my face crying. Soon, they uncovered me and shouted, "CRYBABY!!!" Everyone else started shouting it too, and laughing. Poland was laughing and pointing... I thought he was my friend... five minutes later and they forgot the whole thing. I sat on the bench with Poland, then he said, "That was really funny when you cried, you looked so weak!"



Oh I'll show you funny...

I snapped out of it. Then I slapped Poland. I saw Germany give me a death glare.

~time skip to lunch~

    I didn't eat lunch with them because I just ruined it. Then I was heading to the janitors closet, But the only thing I could think about was hurting someone... I promise I'm a nice country. Then I saw China. I couldn't control the voices in my head anymore. My pupils disappeared, and I just had a cold smile on my face. I stopped the voices in my head before they could do anything terrible. That's what  I thought I did...




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