Chapter 15

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POV Rosalie

Klaus took off because he was pissed at Elijah

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Klaus took off because he was pissed at Elijah. Which left me with Elijah and let me tell you it was so freaking awkward so I took off as well.

I was sniffing down a scent. It wasn't Tyler's and it wasn't Hayley.

Running I slam into a body making me and them fall to the floor with an oof.

I groan holding my stomach before looking up and meeting the eyes of a blonde woman. Her shoulder had a scar on it and it made my eyes widen subconsciously letting my hand float up to my own.

She let her eyes go to my hand before meeting my eyes. They flit to forest she was coming from and I catch onto what she was suggesting.

I nod to her before motioning to her to get out of here. Which she gladly does and I get up dusting myself off before walking forward faster than before.

I heard struggling and sped up some more. I watched as Hayley busted out of the small place.

Vamp speeding forward I grabbed her arm and she sighed.

"Oh thank god." She whispered and huff.

"Go, I'll take care of him." I spoke pushing her forward and she nodded taking off running.

I go to the door taking a step to the side and wait until it is thrown open making me throw my arm out making it hit him square in the chest.

He flipped before groaning while on the ground.

"Sup asshole." I said stepping forward making him snap his head up angrily but stopped when his eyes met with mine.


I groan at the nickname and hop down to the ground, "god that was such an awful nickname....I much prefer.....I don't about your majesty." I said before delivering a kick to stomach making him groan.

"Or my lady," I threw another kick to his stomach and another.

"Or Queen." I spoke yet he caught my foot throwing me to the ground but wasn't expecting me to get up so quickly.

I curl my hair around my finger as I walk. "Rose what the hell? What happened to you? We all saw you dead!" He yelled I roll my eyes at him.

"Tyler honey, I honestly think it's obvious why I'm alive. Dear old Katherine was the only one who truly cared to look for a way to bring back." I said running past him decking him the stomach before gripping the back of his shirt sending him into a tree.

"This is for Hayley. Come on Tyler! Just because Klaus fucked with your life and went to an all time low, doesn't mean you have too." I yelled at him trying to beat into his thick skull that this isn't okay.

"Why are you defending him?! He is your mate! Yet he slept with another woman! If anybody deserves to kill that bitch Hayley and that devil spawn it's you!"

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