1. Moving in

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Today is the day! I'm nervous like really really nervous, avani slept over last night and I have to wake her up.

- Wake up, sleepyhead, I said giggling

- 5 more minutes mommy

- I'm not your mom and you have to wake up, we're leaving in 30 minutes

- well... shit

- I don't know what to wear, Avani

- wear something sporty, something that matches with my outfit, she said showing me her outfit

- Do you like this?

- Yes

Our outfits:

- Vani, I'm nervous!!!

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- Vani, I'm nervous!!!

- Don't be, even though we won't be in the same room, we will be just next door from each other Bebe

- I can't wait to see who I'm gonna stay with

- yeah, I'm pretty excited to meet new people


- OKAY, we both said then laughed

- Here we go, time fir new beginnings bebe

- Avani, promise me we'll always stick together

- What even is that? Do you think I'll ever leave my prettiest best friend? Sure not bubb

- I love you Avani

- I love you too

*skip car ride*

- I'll miss you sweeties, ily take care of each other

- bye mom, we love you.

We checked our rooms and our roommates didn't show up yet. I went on tik tok and I dueted one of Payton's tik toks, it was something with "you're not so bad you know?..."

When I was in the middle of it, I heard the door open and then someone got in and watched what I was doing. I didn't look to see who it was and as I was posting my tik tok he asked me:

- Who was the boy in the video

- Just someone I have a crush on, he's famous though so I'll probably never meet him, but he is so hot I said giggling and I looked up at him for a second but turned quickly to my phone. I didn't realize who he was

- you're my roommate, right? I said and started to sing the new song he is gonna release

- yeah, your voice is so nice

- oh my god, Payton liked my tik tok. My dreams come true, I said and I heard him laugh.

- I'm so rude, I didn't even introduce myself, I said while getting up but still looking at my phone. When I got in front of him I looked at him and I dropped my phone

- I-I.. um, oh my god are you- uh no, I'm so embarrassed are you Payton it is it just another of my dreams

- Haha, I'm just in front of you, I'm Payton but I can tell you already know that, you are?

- I - I'm y/n.

- Nice name

- This is totally some kind of dream but if it's real I don't have a crush on you, I just

- You just think I'm hot right?

- I'm so embarrassed rn, I need Avani

Right in that moment Avani came in and yelled:


- No way, Anthony Reeves?!?

- Yes!!!

- Hi, Payton said to Avani

- Y/n, is he who I think he is?

- I'm Payton

- y/n!!!! We have some lucky ass. How did you react

- Well she was making a duet with one of my tik toks then I asked her who was the boy and she started to tell me how she has a crush on me and I'm hot and when she saw me she was embarrassed, Payton explained and laughed looking at me

- shut up, I said and looked at him

Anthony came in and said

- bet you two are gonna fuck

- I totally agree, avani said

- NO, we both said at the same time

- Whatever you say, Anthony smirked

- Let's go back to our room and let these lovebirds talk, Avani said and grabbed his hand

Anthony turned to Payton and muttered something

- Yeah,I know, Payton said and gave me the look

Then they leaved and me and Payton talked

- Do you have a boyfriend?

- No, I actually never had my first kiss neither Avani

- How is that possible?

- I dated a guy once but I broke up with him agter a few hours and i have never been with anyone else after

- So, since when do you have a crush on me? He said laughing

- Stop embarrassing me, I said giggling

- Answer the question, he said smirking

- Sinceyouwere15

- What? He asked

- Since you were 15

- Oh wow

- Myeah, I said and I looked on the other part of the room

- Hey, he said while he came to the side of my bed, I'm not some kind of alien, I'm just a boy, you have nothing to be insecure of

- I always wanted to meet you but now you're gonna spend 3 years with a crazy and ugly girl that is madly in love with you. I said and I immediately regretted my last words

He hugged me tight and said:

- Stop thinking that about yourself, you are beautiful, you are absolutely perfect and you are my brand new best friend.

- you are just as amazing as I thought you would
I hugged him back tight.

- There is a party tonight, do you wanna come?

- Partying isn't really me

- Come on it will be fun, he said doing some puppy eyes

- Uh, I can't resist that, fine

- Good to know he said smirking
I'm so excited about this story, it's gonna be so much better than the other. I love you❤️

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