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"Shut the fuck up Elly and just go already, Thomas isn't going to wait forever."
"I know Cathy, I know. I'm just nervous, he told me he will bring some friends and ugh I don't know. I guess I need to go now,love you bye.'
I hung up. Let's go Elly you can do this. I was sitting in my car im front of the Café my cousin Thomas wanted to hang out. I was supposed to meet him at 2pm and now it's 2:20. Well fuck it Elly. I got out of the car and went in the Café. "Elly! Where the fuck have u been?" Thomas asked me. "Hello to you too." I rolled my eyes and gave him a hug. "You want some Coffee? I need to get the squad some." "I thought we will meet your friends here?" "Change of plans. You're coming with me to my house." We got us and the 'squad' some coffee and got in his car. I mean, of course I heard about the hypehouse and the people living in it. I just never thought in a million years that Thomas would actually take me there. Long story. See, Thomas and I used to be very close when we were little. Like really damn close, we were like siblings. In high school things started to get complicated. My first year of Highschool, people knew me as Thomas Petrous cousin. Rumors were going around in school. Most if them sounded like this: Elly did sleep with XY. The worst part about it, my dear cousins friends were spreading them. Telling everyone they slept with me and so on. Thomas actually believed that. Friendships started to break. Don't really know why. Thomas blamed me. Telling me how I lost his respect and that I always destroy everything and I would do anything to get fame even if I would have to betray family. He excluded me everywhere and every time. Never let me get close to anything that was his, you know. A year ago, he actually got to hear the truth from his ex best friend. Now we are cool again.
Back to the ride. We drove about 30 min to his house. He played music so we didn't talk much.  Did he actually know that I'm TikTok obsessed? I don't think so. I texted Cathy.

Me: Cathy? He's taking me to the hype house!!! What the Fuck omfg idhebesj.
         Bitch: Keep me updates!! Get momma a picture of my boyfriends sksk!!

"We're here." I looked up and we were actually standing in-front of that big ass mansion he bought. "Dayuum T. How the hell did that happen." He gestured me to come in as he opened the door. "I'm back!" He screamed. I looked around and I was madly impressed. He walked me to he kitchen and I sat down. One after the other came in and got their coffee. And since Thomas is too incompetent to introduce me. I did it myself. "Hey, I'm Elly. Nice to meet you." I was greeted with mostly hugs and handshakes. They introduced themselves but obviously I knew who they are. Bryce had the best reaction. He looked at me then at Thomas and then back at me. "Dude, don't you have a girl already?" He asked my Cousin. "She's family. Don't even try Bryce. He got his coffee and winked at me. Omfg Bryce fucking Hall winked at me. Someone pinch me please. The next who walked in was Ondreaz. He smiled at me as I introduced myself and then took his coffee. "So erm, you're his cousin? Am I right?" I nodded. "We've heard a lot about you." He told me. "Hopefully good stuff."  I smiled at him and he nodded. "Of course, See you later then Elly." And gone he was.
"Let me show you around Elly." Thomas said and I followed him. After a long house tour we walked into the bathroom. THE one and only TikTok Bathroom. There were like 10 people in there, some doing TikToks the the just chilling. I waved at them and this time Thomas actually introduced me. "This my cousin Elly guys. She will spend the day here. You probably should be nice to her, doesn't deserve that though." I punched him in the shoulder. I felt a pair of eyes starring at me. Deeply starring at me.

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