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"wonwoo, the principal wants to see you!"

"okay! thanks." wonwoo said, bowing and thanking one of the other council members as she left the meeting room. he went around the oval shaped table, tucking in the cushioned black chairs and picking up and rubbish he found on the floor.

when wonwoo came back to his seat to pick up his bag and folders, he noticed another blue file left on the table. he left the council's meeting room, holding the blue folder along with his own. he ran quickly down the hallways, filled with students going to their next class, trying to catch up to his fellow council member. "minyoung, wait up!"

he was so focused on catching minyoung's attention, he wasn't looking where he was going. a bad habit of his.

when minyoung turned around when she heard someone call her name, all she saw was wonwoo on the ground with scattered dropped folders around him. she quickly crouched down to help wonwoo. "wonwoo! are you okay?"

wonwoo groaned quietly, rubbing his side. "yeah, i'm fine." he looked up to see who he had bumped into (more like pushed wonwoo when he got too close to them.). a tall boy with a black leather draped over his shoulders and uniform glared down at him.

"watch where you're going next time." the boy muttered in a low tone, but loud enough for the surrounding people to hear.

"hey! say sorry to wonwoo!" soonyoung, wonwoo's best friend, called out, pushing through the crowd to help him up.

the boy turned around to look at soonyoung, staring at him with a piercing look. "why should i? he was the one that bumped into me."

"you pushed him away!" a boy beside minyoung argues, standing up for wonwoo. as wonwoo was the student council president, many were friends with the boy. even if they weren't friends with wonwoo, they still liked him enough to get along with him.

"he was in my personal space." the tall boy said, almost like a growl. students started crowding around at this point, wanting to see what happening.

"so what if i was in your personal space?" wonwoo questioned. he was stood right in front of the boy who pushed. they were similar heights, with wonwoo being slightly smaller, having a mini staring contest. "it was an accident, and you're right, i should have been looking where i was going. but that still isn't an excuse to just push me."

the boy scoffed and chuckled to himself, circulating around wonwoo. "so little mr council president can back talk, huh?"

"i'm not talking back, i'm just stating what you did wrong."

"who are you to tell me what i did wrong?"

"look, i'm not trying to pick a fight with you. just say sorry and let's get on with our day."

"pfft, trying to act all formal and president like again? whatever, you're wasting my time. i've got better things to do." the boy walked away with a growl, his footsteps echoing in the silent hallway as everyone watched him.

"who was that guy?"

"i dunno, but he shouldn't have pushed wonwoo like that!"

"wonwoo is way too nice to have let that guy off."

"isn't that kim mingyu?"

"kim mingyu? as in the delinquent?"

"yeah! he vandalises practically everything."

"not surprised coming from a low life rat like him. just from his looks, you can tell he's a troublemaker."

"isn't his father in jail? i think his name was... kim seonbin!"

"kim seonbin? oh! didn't he like murder a whole family?!"

"holy shit! if his father was a murderer, then mingyu might end up just like him!"

the gossiping and chatting continued. every insult and rumour they said about mingyu, burned into him and his pride. they were putting words into his mouth. although everything they said was true, did everyone need to know about him and his life?

this is why he hated this school so much. along with everyone in it.

he walked out the school doors, into the car park where his motorcycle was. he took out and apple flavoured lollipop from his pocket, unwrapping it and sucking on it. his mind reflected back to the incident in the hallway.

to mingyu, he didn't understand why he acted like such a jerk and so hostile. he usually never acted that way towards people he's never talked to. maybe it was the fact it was the council president, jeon wonwoo.

since wonwoo was elected, mingyu had grown to dislike the other, hating the way wonwoo was such a perfect student. from the way he had perfect grades, he got along with everyone, never failing to attend and keep on top of his duties. he was practically perfect. and mingyu hated it.

but why should it bother him? it's not like he'll ever talk to wonwoo again. they were two completely different people. wonwoo was the school's council president, the perfect student the school could be proud of and could practically get a scholarship to any college. then there was mingyu, the school's delinquent with failing grades, graffitied anything and everything, and a disappointment to the school and his family.

how would two polar opposites ever get along?

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