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"catch me if you can, fools!"

mingyu yelled, leaping onto his sleek black motorcycle, driving away down the streets of gangnam. the sounds of police sirens and flashing blue and red lights chased after the roaring motocycle, drifting left and right to dodge through the cars and trucks on the road.

mingyu laughed as the wind ran through his hair, revving his cycle before increasing his speed, the distance between him and the police cars lessening.

you may be asking, why is mingyu being chased by the police? well, mingyu is very artistic and creative, producing amazing pieces of artwork... through vandalism. he likes to graffiti the streets and alleyways alike with his spray paint art, whether it's a wall on the outside of a coffee shop, or the skate ramps in the nearby park. he graffitied anything he thought was the perfect canvas for his art.

but it was still a crime.

at school, it was no different. he barely went to class (art being the only class he liked going to), belittled the education system and his school in general. he vandalised the school, either with graffiti or throwing toilet rolls over the main building and trees. he didn't have many friends, only hanging around minghao and seokmin. but he didn't care, he preferred it that way. it's not like the people at this school were important. all they did was gossip, spread lies. all they did was hurt those who were beneath them. it was a shitty behaviour they had grown to have.

his whole school was shit, along with everyone and everything in it. that's why he didn't listen nor follow what the school said, he did everything his own way. he was free.

mingyu skidded his motorcycle into a cramped alleyway he had vandalised a few days back, hiding the glow of the lights and turning of the engine. once he saw the three police cars zoom by, he let out a sigh of relief, once again escaping from the police for the nth time.

"you know, one day you're gonna get caught by em'."

"not if i let them. i always manage to escape, minghao." mingyu chuckled, brushing a hand through his ashy grey hair. "whatta you doing here?"

minghao walked out from the shadows with a lollipop in his mouth, red-tinted glasses with golden frames sat upon his head. he wore a similar leather jacket as mingyu, only his was maroon red with his own embroidery sewn onto it. "thought i'd stop by one of your favourite alleyways you like to escape into. me and seokmin were going check out this new diner downtown. wanna join us or are you gonna vandalise the whole city?"

mingyu pondered for a while, leaning more towards the idea of vandalising another building for the night. but, it wouldn't hurt to get a break first, right?

mingyu hopped back onto his motorcycle, turning on the ignition and revving up the engine. "why not. need a ride?"

"nah, i've got my own." minghao gestured to his motorcycle that was next to him. he hopped onto his own ride and said, "plus, you drive way too carelessly for it to be safe."

"well, excuse me. my driving skills are-" mingyu was cut off by minghao driving out of the alleyway, onto the streets, leaving mingyu behind. mingyu quickly drove out to catch up to minghao, "hey! i wasn't finished talking!"

the diner was a medium-sized building near the exit from the city. since it was night, the diner was fully lit up from the outside, neon lights circular around the building and the sign was brightly lit up, reading the the words 'hyuna's downtown diner' in bold lettering.

minghao and mingyu parked their motorcycles outside the shop, seeing seokmin's one already there. they pushed the glass doors and entered the diner. it was half full with only a few people filling it. a couple of families, couples and friends were seen around, everyone coated in a soft pink hue from the lights lining the diner.

"over here!" a voice called out. they looked to the left to see seokmin sitting down in one of the booths, sipping on a chocolate milkshake.

"hey, seok." minghao said, high-fiving seokmin as he sat down, mingyu doing the same.

"you guys were taking so long, i just ordered my drink right away." seokmin complained, having another sip of his milkshake.

"not my fault mr delinquent over here was running from the police. again." minghao scoffed as he nudged mingyu side, mingyu letting out a laugh.

seokmin chuckled. "what did you graffiti this time?" the tone in his voice sounded like he was scolding mingyu, but at this point, seokmin wasn't surprised at his best friend anymore.

"you know the bitch that tried to snitch on me yesterday for scratching the desk and vandalise it?" the two boys nodded, knowing exactly what mingyu was talking about. "well... let's just say i decorates her house early for christmas- with toilet rolls and spray paint."

"i mean- she deserves it. i remember that time she spread rumours about me having sex with the hot english teacher. she is a b. i. t. c. h." minghao rolled his eyes, his memory remembering the incident like it was yesterday. the fake rumour ended up getting that teacher fired and resulted in minghao getting suspended for a week. even though it wasn't true.

"yeah! she's the definition of bitch. remember when she managed to blame me for cheating by sneaking the answer sheet into my bag! she was the one who was cheating!" seokmin scowled, wanting to teach that girl a lesson. but since it's seokmin, it's likely he would do it in the less violent way possible.

"how'd ya get caught?" minghao asked, saying a brief 'thank you' to the waitress who set down the snack and drinks they ordered when they arrived.

"turns out there was an officer who was patrolling that street tonight. he saw me, called back up and chased me down." mingyu explained whilst munching on a french fry.

"wow, how pathetic." minghao laughed, earning a hard, but playful, push from mingyu. even seokmin found it hard not to snicker.

"hey! it's not pathetic! what is pathetic is spying on a boy you've never even talked to!"

"how can i talk to him when he's like the hottest guy in school, whilst i'm hanging out with the bad boy delinquent!"

"you say that as if it's a bad thing! i'll have you know it's a privilege to hang around me!"

mingyu and minghao's playful fighting causes for people to look their way, staring at the teenagers fighting. seokmin just watched his best friends bickering whilst sipping on his choco milkshake.

in a way, what minghao was saying was true. being known as the delinquent of the school obviously caught attention of many, rumours will float about and lies will spread. you would be seen as an outcast. a disappointment. a troublemaker.

but it still had it's perks. you were free. you didn't have rules holding you down and restricting you. you didn't have to be the perfect person people want you to be. you didn't have to be someone you weren't. because mingyu was tired of doing what everyone said. he was tired of trying to prove himself.

he wanted to be free. even as an outcast. he was free.

for once, he was happy.

at least, that's what he thought.

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