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"Alright, it's alright," I said, taking off Alexis' pyjamas, and putting her bed sheets in the wash.

"I'm sorry,"

"It's okay love, sometimes dreams are scary, and make us jump,"

"I didn't need a wee,"

"It's okay. Lets go and give you a quick wash, and you can sleep with me,"

She nodded and followed me to the bathroom, letting me gently wash her with a flannel, and wrap her up in a towel.

"Dad, school is hard,"

"It'll be easier soon. What did you dream about?"

"A big monster came and took mummy's flowers, and chased me,"

"Oh sweetheart. Mummy is safe,"

"I wish she was here,"

"We'll write the letter tomorrow, I promise,"

"So she's safe?"

"She's safe. You can believe whatever you believe about who looks after her, but shes safe,"

"I think you look after her by looking after me,"

"Well then she must be very safe," I said, kissing her cheek, "shall we get you tucked in again?"

"Can you come to bed?"

"I'll say goodnight to Uncle Mikey, but then I'll come to bed,"

I put her new pyjamas on and carried her to my room, gently resting her on the bed.

"What if I put some sounds on that help people sleep?"

"What sounds?"

"A lot of people like rain sounds,"

"Yes please,"

I kissed her head and put them on my phone, then went and said goodnight to Michael. I made sure he was definitely okay, then went to my room and found Alexis fast asleep already.

I pulled her to my side and let the rain sounds play a little longer, but they'd done the trick.

I made sure to hold onto her tightly that night.

In the morning, I silently got up and ready for work, leaving a note for the pair telling Alexis I loved her, and that I'd left Michael some change for a coffee and a cake after work.

I chopped up some fruit for Alexis, and put it with some yoghurt, then put it in the fridge for her. Then, I grabbed my bag and got in the car.

I'd not been to the hospital this early since I was an intern, and it was oddly refreshing to go round and give people breakfast. Breakfast runs lasted quite a bit, because there were waves of people waking up.

I head up to the kids ward where I was prepping for a surgery, and entered the room of a young boy.

"Goodmorning. How are you feeling?"


"Okay? What can we do to make it even better?"

"Can we meet the surgeon?" his dad said, keeping a firm hold of his wife's waist. I got bad vibes, but I had to remain professional.

"Of course, they'll most likely come down here soon anyway. Can you change into this gown for me Lewis?"

I handed a fresh one to him and he nodded, heading into the bathroom next door. I paged his surgeon and the anaesthesiologist, and he came back out in the gown.

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