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"Please- I'm begging you, don't make me go back to them." She sobbed into me as I carried her small body into the schools nurses station- where I knew the guys would be.

"Calum" I spoke as soon as I saw him.

"What's up?" His face dropped as soon as he saw the sobbing girl, bridal style in my arms.

"It's Blake Johnson and shes losing a lot of blood- we have to go."

He didn't hesitate.

He drove as I held pressure to her cut in the backseat.

"I'm okay- I swear to god I'm okay and I'm safe, just please let me go back- don't make me go back to the foster home" she sobbed out.

"Blake" Calum's voice spoke, making her crying quiet down so she could listen.

"Listen sweetheart, I know you're scared and I know you don't want to go back, but we aren't worrying about that right now, we haven't even called the police. We are worried about your bleeding, you're bleeding a lot and you're very pale, which worries us, so we have to get that stopped, so relax and take some deep breaths, you're not goin anywhere but to the hospital right now." He told her.

"O-okay" she whispered out, hiccuping lightly, her hand on top of my own, holding her cut.

We ran her into the ER as soon as we got there.

I pulled her hoodie off of her once we laid her flat on a bed.

She watched our every mood.

I watched her wince as I pulled her bandage off- seeing a huge gash in her side- traveling almost into her stomach, making me immediately cover it with gauze- looking to Calum.

"That's bad" I mumbled to him, seeing him looking as if he was amazed.

"How has she not passed out?"

We got an IV into her vein, which made her start crying again.

"Blake- no one is taking you yet" Calum assured her quietly, us all knowing she had a reason to not want to go back to that home.

"I-I just really don't like needles and you guys are freaking me out because you keep whispering" she cried out to us.

My heart broke for her.

I felt for the kid.

"Okay Blake" I spoke calmly, continuing to hold the gauze down.

"The needle in your arm is just giving you fluids right now, I know it's a little uncomfortable, but don't even look at it- just keep looking at me. We're whispering, because your cut is really deep and wide, which means we are most likely going to have to use staples to close your cut rather than stitches" I explained to her slowly.

"Will it hurt?" She asked me, seeming so vulnerable.

"No Blake, I'll make sure it doesn't hurt, you'll most likely take a nap and when you wake up, you'll have them" I told her firmly as Ashton finally entered- him being the ER doctor at the time.

"Blake Johnson- large cut to the abdomen." I told him, watching him put gloves on as he came beside me, pulling the gauze that my hands were holding down.

"Yeah- that's Staples" he spoke firmly.

"She's scared" I told Ashton quietly- watching as he instantly went into comfort mode.

"Wait- no tears" he finally turned his attention to her, seeing the tears running down her cheeks.

He moved to her side, wiping her tears with a sterile rag.

"Let me introduce myself and explain, I'm sorry I was so rude- I just saw a lot of blood and went straight to your cut" he explained to her slowly.

"I'm doctor Irwin, but you can call me Ashton, this is Michael and Calum, they're both also doctors. Your cut is very big, and you're losing a lot of blood, which means we need to close it quick and have something strong to keep it held shut, so I'm going to use staples. I know that sounds scary, but it doesn't hurt, it's quick and you'll even get to stay with us overnight." He explained to her slowly.

"Don't let them take me back to the foster home." She cried to him.

"No one is here to take you, Blake- you're with us right now, we'll talk about your home later, okay?" He spoke slowly.

"Okay." She quietly hiccuped.

"So I'm just going to put some stuff into your IV, it's just something to make you calm and not so worried, okay?" He asked her slowly.

"I'm allergic to Penicillin." She told him slowly.

"Okay, that's good to know, thank you for telling me- is there anything else you're allergic to?" He asked her.

"No" she spoke quietly.

"Okay, good job for telling me, thank you" he spoke, quickly giving her medicines into her IV, charting that she was allergic to penicillin.

"So Blake, while your medicine kicks in, why don't you tell me how you cut yourself this bad?" Ashton asked her.

She stared to the ceiling as he pulled the gauze away, seeing blood immediately run out of the cut.

"I had to jump a fence- and as I went to come down, my shirt caught the top and I just cut myself as I fell down." She spoke slowly.

"Get me a tetanus shot." Ashton spoke to a nurse simply, knowing that she would need one.

"Have you eaten today?" I asked her slowly.

"Granola" she nodded slowly.

"You need more food than granola, Blake" Calum spoke slowly.

"I know, but Andrew stole all of my money, so I was kind of screwed" she mumbled, making us all look to her.

"Andrew? Like the dude you left with?" Ashton asked quickly.

"We went to sleep together and when I woke up he had stolen my blanket and only left me fifty dollars out of three hundred" she told us, her eyes blinking slower and slower.

"Andrew told us that you had both gotten separated running from the police." Calum spoke slowly.

"Andrew is a fucking liar." 

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