We ALL do Too (Sneak Peak)

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"I can't believe yo ass gets to touch all up on my baby. I hate you." Nicki said to Diamonté who was getting ready to head over to Normani's. " I don't know why, I touch all up on her all the time." Diamonté replied back to the smaller woman as she applied lip gloss. Nicki rolled her eyes and flipped her off.

"Not all the time in private, in her fucking room, alone." Megan said to the girl as she walked away from the mirror. Diamonté rolled her eyes at her roommates and friends. "Yeah well, tonight I get too. Stop being hating ass hoes." The two scoffed at their roommate. "Bitch bye, no one is hating on yo ass, you wouldn't know how to handle her anyways." Nicki said as she crossed her arms. " and neither would you, what the hell is your bottom ass going to do for her, another bottom. Shit don't add up Onika." Diamonté said causing Megan to laugh while Nicki stomped her foot and pouted.

"I am not a bottom, can y'all stop saying that. Sheesh it was one fucking time with Teyanna. Also, I'm a verse so ha!" Nicki said poking her younger out at her friends as they chuckled at her.

"Either way, it doesn't matter. If she wanted you she would ask for you but she didn't." Diamonté said. Nicki snarled at the girl before rolling her eyes and walking away.

"You didn't have to go there." Megan said to her friend. Diamonté shrugged and proceed towards the door. "I'll apologize tomorrow if I have to." She made her way towards the door and grabbed the handle, but was stopped by her phone going off. She picked it up and seen the caller id was none other than the beautiful Normani. The girl majored before answering her phone and turning to look at her taller roommate.

"Hey Mani, what's up? I'm on my way over right now." She said into the phone. Normani smiled over the other end before speaking up.

"So that means you didn't leave yet, great. I was wondering, would you and the rest of your friends like to come have a girls night ? I'm kind of bored and desperately in need of a good break." Normani said as she but her lip, waiting the response of her fellow cheerleader. Diamonté rolled her eyes and very quietly threw a quick fit before responding.

"I'm not sure they're really up for that ya know? They're not really the social type really. They're more so the stay in and to themselves kind ya know?" She said lying through her teeth. Megan looked up at the girl with a confused look in her face. She wasn't sure what Normani had said, but she was sure of one thing. Diamonté was lying, something the girl is awful at. She stopped in her tracks and looked at the girl as she tripped over her words and lies while on the phone with the darker girl.

Normani pouted at the other end, now disappointed. "Do- is it me?" She said the girl. Saweetie dropped her shoulders and her bag on the ground, she heard the sadness in the girls voice and immediately regretted her lies. "W-What do y-you mean?" She asked her friend.

"Well, I know that they're all pretty social. Maybe the least social being Beyoncé, but I them all to be outgoing and the life of the party type. So like, do they not like me or something? Do they not want to be around me?" Normani asked. Although the girl was more liked than anyone at the school, she still, unfortunately, wanted every single person to like her. It's something she hated about herself, she always needed reassurance from those who didn't necessarily matter.

Diamonté pouted as she stared at her roommate who was still so confused at the conversation that was being had. "I- actually. You know what, they'll definitely be up for it. I'll make sure to tell them we're all coming over to yours and we'll be there shortly." Saweetie said to the now happy girl. Normani squealed and clapped her hands.

"Yes! Great, okay. I'll see you guys in a bit. Thanks Saweetie, you're toats the best. I'll see you soon, muah!" She said before handing up. Diamonté rolled her eyes, stomped her feet and quickly growled angrily. Megan looked at the girl in disgust and confusion. "Fuck wrong with you, and who's going where?" She asked the smaller girl. Saweetie huffed and looked up at her before speaking.

"Normani wants all of us to be at her dorm tonight for a girls night." She said lowly. Megan smiles widely before speaking up. "Karma bitch!" She said before running towards Nicki's door and banging on it. "FRIEND! Get up and get ready! We're all going to Normani's tonight!" Megan exclaimed. Nicki's door immediately swung open revealing a giddy little woman. "Bitch you're lying!" She yelled back with a smile on her face. "Nope! Normani just called and said she wants us all at hers for a girls night!" Nicki closed her door, ran to get ready in the quiets Nicki fashion possible (which was not quick at all) and immediately headed for the door when she came out.

"Alright bitches lets get Bey and Tey and head to my fine ass baby mommas house." Nicki said as her roommates laughed. "I hate y'all." Saweetie said.


"Bitch I can't believe she asked for all of us to come over tonight! I'm making my fucking move." Teyanna said as they all walked toward the building of Normani's dorm room. "Bitch I hope the fuck you do!" Beyoncé exclaimed. "That's all me tonight." She said causing Teyanna to scoff at her. Saweetie laughed at her friends before speaking up.

"Actually, it's all mine. I'm the one that was invited over to stretch her out, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. And what can y'all say?" She said to her friends. "We can say that she gladly invited us over to interrupt any bit of alone time y'all could have had so that we all could spend time with her. Now, what can you say?" Megan said checking her roommate. Diamonté walked away from the woman and toward the decorative door. "I've never been here, yet I know exactly which one is hers." Nicki said as she looked at the door to the girls dorm. The girls all giggled before Diamonté knocked on the door and waiting for Normani to answer. A few seconds later, the dorm swung open and the five women were greeted by a small, chocolate woman, wearing a grey vibrate chancel one piece.

The girls all drooled over the woman as she smiled at them

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The girls all drooled over the woman as she smiled at them. "Hi guys! How are y'all?" Normani greeted. Teyanna was the first one to speaking, though what came out of her mouth was not what she meant to actually say. "I'm enjoying some beautiful titties." The girls all stared at their friend wide eyes and in shock as Normani laughed at her "silly, playfulness".

"You're so silly, Teyanna." She said before turning to the side and letting the girls in.


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