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Jeongin froze seeing hyunjin in front of him. He was surprised that he caught the older pleasing himself in a school bathroom. The younger stood there staring into hyunjins eyes and the older was starting to get creeped out by it.

"Umm excuse me..." hyunjin walked past the boy to wash his hands and jeongin turned around to look at him again. Hyunjin washed his hands and left the restroom leaving jeongin by himself.

"Hwang hyunjin your late!" Mr. bang yelled when hyunjin walked into class.

"I know you don't have to tell me every time." Hyunjin rolled his eyes and sat down.

"Detention mr. hwang!" The teacher placed a slip of paper on the boys desk.

Class was starting to get boring and all hyunjin could think about was if jeongin heard him moaning. Yes hyunjin new who jeongin was, almost everyone did and it wasn't a good thing. Jeongin was know for getting bullied for his depression and carelessness. People knew about his abusive parents and toxic people couldn't help but spread rumors about him. One time jeongin came to school with a black eye and word spread quickly that his dad had punched him, that was the first time hyunjin heard about him. Everyday hyunjin would learn something new about the boy and everyday he felt even worse for him, but he never did anything, he couldn't. He couldn't because he made fun of the boy. Yes hyunjin was kind and caring but he also wanted to fit in with his friends so he made fun of the boy behind his back.

Jeongin heard the last school bell ring and figured it was time to go home. He never went to classes he didn't care about his grades and didn't care if he failed. He still came to school because hiding in the bathroom was better that being tortured by his parents. Jeongin walked out of the bathroom and started heading for the exit until.

"Yang jeongin!" He heard an all too familiar voice call. He turned around being met by the school principle.

"Skipping classes again? I gave you a warning the first time now it's detention." He handed jeongin a slip of paper and sent him in the direction of the detention room. Jeongin walked over to the room with his hood on not wanting people to see him but he was noticed by someone.

"Jeongin!" The boy turned around and saw his friend jisung run towards him.

"Wanna hang out?" Jisung asked placing his arm around the younger.

"I can't I have detention." Jeongin said quietly but loud enough for him to hear.

"Oh that sucks well maybe next time" jisung said before giving jeongin a hug and leaving. The boy arrived at the detention room and pushed open the door. He immediately wanted to leave when he saw that hyunjin was the only person there.

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