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jenniem.kim  I just had the best coffee date with Papa here in Paris.
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rmjoon get your friend a macaroon before you come back to SK! 😉
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@rmjoon I have a lot to tell you about! Can't wait to be back! 💅🏻 |


"Hey, I just saw one of your boyfriends waiting outside."
A ginger haired girl with natural curls sat at the vacant seat beside the school muse. The latter rolled her eyes and heaved a deep sighed.

"I'm breaking up with him."
The brunette said casually, resting her head on her study table.

The ginger or also known as Rosielette twirls the tip of her hair as she popped a bubble gum that she's chewing.
"You guys just went out a week ago."
The brunette shrugged, still looking so lifeless as she stares at her beeper.

"Exactly. He's boring." She bit her lower lip and look outside the window.

"How about the other?" Rosielette asked. The brunette fixed her position as she smiles at her.

"I'm keeping him. He's rich. He buys me stuffs." She showed her newly own bracelet that probably worth a thousand bucks.

The ginger head was supposed to look at the jewelry her friend's showing when they got interrupted by the beeping sound of the brunette's beeper / radio pager.

"Who's that?" Rosielette frowned, trying to take a glimpse with the message.

"Taehyung." She answered shortly. Still reading the message.

"What does he say?"
The brunette's plump lips turned into a playful smile before she put her lower lip between her teeth, adrenaline washed through her veins.

She faced her best friend,
"Guess, we're having fun tonight."

| 01 : Lalisa, I heard Jungkook's having a party in Midnight Club after the car race. Are you coming?
12:05 AM |

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