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MY EYES TRAILED UP her pale, frail skin that was now scarred in several areas of her body. She was dressed in a pair of Ryker's black joggers paired with one of his oversized shirts, almost every time we saw her she was swimming in her mate's clothes so Riley took it upon herself to change her Luna and dress her up in them after she had passed.

I thought against it at first, I know Aspen wouldn't feel comfortable with it but Riley insisted that when we brought Aspen back..she'd apologize over and over again until the moon goddess herself came down and told her to shut up.

Right next to Aspen was Ryker, our Alpha. It wasn't long after he killed himself I found his note. The entire pack felt it when he passed, when a member of your pack dies you can feel it. Since day one we are connected to each other through our mind and when one dies or gets kicked from the pack, we feel their absence.

He was dressed in what he died in, a pair of faded black joggers (similar to the ones Aspen was in) and a gray tank top. They both looked as if they were still alive, their skin was just as it was when they were living and breathing, which we never understood. We were gonna inject them with a medication that halts decomposition but it seems as though their bodies aren't breaking down like they should be. Which is something our pack doctor is working on figuring out.

If there was anyway we could bring them back, we will, and we plan to. We had already tracked down Aspen's parents, we bought them plane tickets and they were to arrive later tonight, we found some of the oldest witches and warlocks we possibly could and asked for their help, which a couple of them agreed to assist us, and I pray they can do something.

I laughed out loud as I thought about what had happened in the last seventy two hours. Aspen reached her full potential and saved all of us, then got taken down by Markus which should've been the first one to go down. Then, from the heartbreak..Ryker ended his own life to be with her. Then since then, Riley, a few other pack members and I never stopped tracking her parents - which was surprisingly very hard.

I reached into my pocket, feeling the crippled piece of paper resting at the bottom. Slowly pulling it out, I swallowed hard, unfolding the creased edges to read over his words for the hundredth time since I found it.

It was pure bliss existing in the same world as her. Ever since I laid my eyes on her I vowed to protect her at all costs..whether she's dead or alive. I don't give a fuck how stupid this sounds because she was mine, she was the reason I became a better ruler, a better person, she made my perspectives change. I saw everything with her eyes, I cared more, I loved more, and now without her..all thats gone. I need her, I need to protect her, and I have this gut feeling I have a chance to meet up with her again, and i'm gonna take it. I could be going absolutely crazy, maybe i'll never see her again and in the end we'll both be dead and my pack will have no Alpha. But i'm ready to take that risk if I have a slim chance of seeing her. Derek, when you see this, I want you to rule the pack, you would've been a better ruler than me anyways. And for the rest of my pack, I am very sorry, please respect Derek with as much respect as you gave me. Protect each other.

"How long have you been in here?" Riley pops up behind me, giving me a smile squeeze on my shoulder. I sigh deeply, folding my arms over my chest while giving my Alpha and Luna one last glance. The note tucked under my armpit made a crumpling sound, letting everyone in the room know what I had in my hand.

"A few minutes." I lie, averting my gaze to her. I've been in here for at least an hour.

"We'll figure it out, Derek. Her parents said they knew this was gonna happen and that they already set something up, we just need to hope that we can possibly bring them back?" She didn't sound certain, letting her gaze travel past me and land on Aspen.

"They're dead.." I whisper. "I'm not sure if we can do anything."

"Nonsense, the amount of power in this world..there's gotta be a way." She brings her eyes back to me, giving me a small smile. "You have his note." She points out, glancing down at the tip of the paper that wasn't hidden under my arm.

"I always do." I whisper, slowly pulling it out into the open. "He really loved her, Riley."

"They were mates," she smiles. "He loved her from day one, and I bet she loved him too..just didn't know it yet."

"Or didn't want to accept it." I chuckle. "You saw how damaged she was when she first showed up."

"She was still a feisty little one." She giggles, longingly looking at Aspen's body before letting out a shaky sigh. Silence settled over us, the only thing you could hear was our steady breathing and the soft beats of our hearts.

After a few moments, she looks at me, giving me a sheepish smile before grabbing the door and cracking it open enough to slip through. "We'll figure it out, okay? We'll get them back."

"I hope so."


so here ladies and gents..is the FIRST CHAPTER OF THE SEQUAL

Okay so it may not be the best, and i do apologize, i tried wrapping everything up in the first chapter so theres no confusion

it is shorter and i am sorry :(

but hey! lmk how it is annnd thank you for readinggg ☺️

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