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She was tired. Sick and tired of overlooking Rachel's lies. Jackie was a forgiving person, she believed in giving people a long enough rope, they would see their wrongs, they would change, but her best friend, the girl she'd considered a sister had done nothing more than lie through her teeth. She'd lied to the point that Jackie felt driven, pushed to the wall, she'd had to confront a man that to her was a mere stranger with a pair of dazzlingly familiar eyes. She was hurt, agitated at the sight of the girl with chestnut brown hair.

A knock resonated through the stiff silence of Jacqueline Grey's room and her eyes reddened, swollen met her door, it was shut. It was Rachel, she was sure of it because it wasn't the first time she'd heard it. Rachel wasn't good at keeping secrets, but she was good at reading people. She'd caught on to Jackie's shift in ambiance, and it was clear she was bothered by it. 

Jackie huffed at the sound cuddling further into her lavender bedding trying and failing yet again to get some sleep. Insomnia and Jackie hardly fit in the same sentence, but it had been days and she hadn't been able to get Holden Pierce's words from her mind. It ran, her imagination, she'd concocted images, painted a scene that her brain had long destroyed, she gave her nightmares a storyline, bothering herself all the more and forcing herself to feel a hurt she was better off without. 

The knock filled the air once more, Jackie sat up, she wasn't going to get any sleep. She mumbled a Come in. The old creaky door cracked open, a head of chestnut hair poked in and beneath were nervous eyes, frightened ocean eyes. Jackie wasn't ready to confront Rachel, she wasn't emotionally prepared, but she could feel it, the inevitability, she couldn't avoid it. Rachel slipped through the crack in the door, she took a flutter of a glimpse at Jackie, she tensed, her steps slowed, they were hesitant.

"Are you feeling alright?" Rachel dropped Jackie's piercing stare. She fiddled with her hands, her nails, it was almost amusing, Rachel was hardly a meek person. Rachel had a voice that boomed, and an amplified personality, but standing before Jackie, there was an air of terror that humbled her. 

"Are you going to stop lying to me, Rachel?" She hadn't looked up from her hands. Jackie's jaw clenched. Had she always been a pathological liar? Was she trying to keep up a hoax Holden had long given up? There was no point lying about something like this, something that had happened much too long ago to bother her, but it had, it bothered her and she chose to blame it on their means of delivery. "Holden told me," She looked up, more precisely, her head whipped in Jackie's direction. She was startled, worried. 

"We kept this from you for a good reason, Jackie." She frowned. What reason could that be? To keep her from hurting? To keep her from hurting herself? Would she have hurt herself if she'd known all those years ago? Did she have it in her? "You don't remember what the doctor had said, you were traumatized, telling you would have broken you." 

"A doctor told you to keep this from me, for the rest of my life?" The words from her lips were calm, calculated, the farthest thing from rushed. Rachel shook her head, she looked like she wanted to say more, but bit her tongue. Jackie could understand if at the beginning, the doctor had suggested keeping hurtful details from her, but it was hard to believe that a medical institution would advise a family to keep it for this long. They'd kept it for over ten years, a decade she would have used to get over it. "Then why didn't you or Luther or even Holden tell me anything about my assault?" She threw her legs over her bed rising to her feet, she was much to restless to sit confined to her bed.

"Luther," Rachel forced through her lips, she swallowed a lump that had lodged her throat, she was looking over Jackie's shoulder, at the chip in the wall. Her father had compelled Rachel and Holden to keep this from her? It seemed highly unlikely. "He was afraid of what it would do to you if you knew," Jackie's bottom lip wobbled. "We all saw what you didn't, Jackie," Rachel ran a hand through her hair, tousling it. "We saw you in a coma, we saw the bruises, and then you woke up, and we saw something else," She paused. "We saw an opportunity, you couldn't remember, and that was hope,"

"I was never meant to remember," Jackie finished for Rachel. Jackie's roommate nodded, eyes squeezed shut as a stray tear ran down her cheek. "It wasn't your place to draw that conclusion." Jackie mumbled just as softly. "It wasn't yours, it wasn't Luthers," Jackie bit her trembling lip. "If Holden didn't tell me, you would have carried this to the grave like my mother." Jackie had a hand on her hip, her head tilted upwards ever so slightly, she was fighting, it was a losing battle with the tears that threatened to run down her cheeks. "Jesus, you make him sound like some mob boss that threatened you both," She stomped her feet, agitated with her own tears. "You could have told me, you should have told me, but I can see just how much I matter to you," Storming out of her own room, out of her apartment was the last thing Jackie had in mind, but she couldn't tolerate Rachel's presence.

She reached for her phone in her pocket, she called the one person who'd opened her eyes to everything she'd been blind to. He picked up on the first ring. "Jackie," He husked, he sounded pleased by her call, excited even, something fluttered in her stomach, a smile ghosted over her lips despite the tears that still ran down her cheeks one after another. "Are you crying?" There was a compassion in his voice, a tension, it was uncomfortable. 

"I think your ears are playing tricks on you," She shrugged, she didn't know who she was fooling. "It must have been the wind," She added, pleased that he hadn't pried further. "Can I stay with you for a while?" He hissed. Was she calling at a bad time?

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