Chapter 23

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Luke's POV

We make it to a stop sign, I take this as my chance I open the car door and get out I started running as fast as I can. I run down one street and I hide behind a trash can, I hear a car pull up close to where I was hiding. I hear a door open " where the fuck is you?! I'm not playing get in the fucking car you fucker!" He yells out I sit with my hand over my mouth as I cry, " little fucker" I hear him say. He goes to get back in his car when I hear his phone go off " what's up" he said " mom I'll be home soon and no he's not coming over tonight he's busy I don't know mom I'm coming I'm coming" he hanged up with a sigh, I hear his car door shut and his car pull away. I breathe a sigh of relief, I get up and look around I see I'm no were close to my house, fuck how the fuck am I supposed to get home, I get my phone out and see I have 6 miss calls from my brothers each looks like they know fuck, I can't ask them to get me, I look and see wolfs name maybe he can? Wait what is his real name? I don't think wolf is his real name. I called him and ask if he can take me home he said, of course, he could and asked if I was ok and well I'm I think I mean how do I explain this feeling, this feeling that both of the man I have fallen in love with end up hurting me in some way.

Why can't I find good love? Before I know it starts to rain oh great I'm sitting here waiting for some dude I don't even know his real name like what the hell is happening with my life. I have only sat there for a couple of minutes before he came and picked me up, for the first couple of minutes we sat and said nothing, " what's your real name?" I ask him out of no were, he laughs a little " my real name is Constantine" he said with a smile, " why do you have people call you wolf that's so far from your real name" I said with a laugh. He laughs with me " well there's a long story, too long to be told today" he said with a smile, he's a cool guy we talked about why he was here, his dad is a doctor who's started working at the hospital. He's a really nice guy, but there's something about him like he's not showing his true self or he's not telling me. He pulls up to my house, I see there are four cars in my driveway, " looks like someone's in trouble" he said with a straight face " Nah just a little upset brothers" I said with a smile, I get out of the car he rolls down the window " thank you so much you saved me" I said with a smile " your welcome you sure you're gonna be ok?" He said, " yes, of course, be safe driving home," I said with a smile.

I turn to face the house more like my death I start to walk up, I hear the car pull away and drive off, I walk in the front door I hear laughing and yelling form the living room, but right when I shut the door all of the laughers stopped. The next thing I know I hear two people get off a couch and start to walk my way, my brothers walk into the room, " do you have something to tell us?" Jacob said with a voice and I never heard " what would you like me to say?" I say with a smile " boy I swear to god, why didn't you tell us? Why did you not tell me all that bad shit was happening to you? I love you so god damn much and I didn't notice, I thought you would tell me this stuff." Noah said with tears in his eyes, I didn't know they cared so much I mean I knew they loved me but I never ever seen him like this, I walk over to him and hugged him he feels in my arms and started crying harder. " shhh it's ok Noah, I'm sorry I never told you I loved him I didn't want anything to happen to him, I should have known better but what he has done to me will always be with me, the scars on my body will never let me forget, but I'm not sad about it we all have to live life to realize that some people are not worth loving. Do not blame your self I had to leave him on my own and I did, yes he's giving me trouble but I can handle anything he throws at me I'm not scared of him anymore!" I said with a big smile he moves his head so he's looking in my eyes " I love you little brother" he said with snot running down his face " I love you too but wipe your face" I said with a smile " aww what you don't love me anymore" Jacob said with his hand on his heart, I get away from Mr big baby and walk over and hug him " you know you can tell us anything right? I don't want you hanging with your boyfriend anymore he's no good I don't have a good feeling but like you said this is your life" he said as he let goes of my hug, I just smile at him, he has a good point Jackson has changed and not for the best. The boys walk into the living room Noah falls on Owen and Ashton " he doesn't love me any more guys" he yells with a cry in his voice " boy we all know he does your just a cry baby now get off!" Ashton said as he pushes Noah off him, " Oh my god you don't love me anymore too!" He cries out as he falls us all laugh. Ashton looks over at me with a ' are we good' look and I just give him a smile I'm not mad that he told them I'm kind of happy he did.

We were sitting and watching a scary movie everyone was acting like they were really scared but the only person who was scared was me, I was about to say how we should watch something happy when there were big bangs coming from the front door and yelling I know that voice. I get up quickly so does the boys " stay here" they say to me but I stop them " no, I know who it is" I said as I walk past them they follow me, I go to the front door and see it's Jackson " please Luke I'm so sorry please open the door" he said in a sad voice I go and open the door a little bit " Jackson I need you to live" I say in I'm not fucking around voice, " what you got dudes in there? What are you fucking someone? You can't make time for your boyfriend now? What are you fucking Oliver again? You did say you loved him so I wouldn't be surprised!" He yelled that's it I'm done with this shit, I open the door all the way and punch him in the face, he falls on the floor I get on top of him and keep punching him I take my anger out with every punch I see some blood. Someone grabs me and pulls me off of him, it's Jacob " fuck you, Jackson! How fucking dear you to come to my house saying these kinds of things fuck you! I'm done with your ass!" I yell trying to get to him. All he does it start to laugh he gets up and wipes blood off his lip " mmm baby you know I always love you on top," he said with a smile Noah goes to walk over but Ashton walks in front of him " I think it's time for you to leave" he said Jackson looks him up and down and looks over at me " see you in school babbyyyy" he said then walks away. " Are  you ok?" Jacob said to me " yeah I'm fine come one on everyone let's get some pizza" I say walking back in the house with them looking at me, I sit on the couch and start to cry I hate fighting I hate how I had to do that god please I just want a calm be continued

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