It was the day.

The day of Dinner & Dance.

No pressure for me today. I was going to relax and make sure that no even dared to disrupt.

My mind was filling with negative thought and I tried to stop them. Harry was keeping an eye on me for about a week now, not really saying anything nice at all. I wish he could find something better to do.

I needed to get ready for tonight. I had three hours.

I started by getting into the shower and washing my hair thoroughly. I even added some peach gel with my shower cream.

After a fantastic shower I successfully managed to shave my legs without cutting myself. That was definitely a first. I let out an exasperated sigh and rummaged through my makeup bag and found what I thought was appropriate for this fine night tonight. Maybe some foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, blusher and lip gloss.

I was that type of person who was so inexperienced with makeup that they had to youtube tutorials. I also looked for a hair tutorial, and maybe I was getting somewhere.

I think I looked okay. My chestnut brown hair was up with a few loose curls dangling in some places. My dress was a little itchy but I had to put up with that. It was quarter to eight. A reasonable time to be ready for Clyde to arrive.

"Oh, Harley! You look beautiful!" My parents both gushed sheepishly although I felt rather embarrassed. I stood in the living room awkwardly as I hesitated on where to sit.

Harry was on his phone as he was sat on a single chair, his head down. He was dressed in black boots, skinny jeans and a dark red shirt. His hair was ran back by his firm hands and his face was perfectly stern.

I felt out of place.

"Why don't you and Harry have a photo together? Come on, I'll get my camera!" Mam gushed awe-fully and I tried to smile through all of this.

He finally raised his head, his eyes rolling as he put his phone away and quickly stood to his leather booted feet. He tiredly walked toward me with a hidden scowl and didn't take a second to look at me.

He placed his hand at the small of my back and I gasped, feeling my heart begin to pump viciously. I glanced at him and he did the same right as my mother took the picture, causing us both to look away in dismay at the blinding flash.

"Okay, your father and I have to leave for work. Sorry we can't stay to meet your date. We love you." They blew me kisses as they left, leaving Harry and I by ourselves. Damn.

It was awfully silent as I just stood by myself. Harry was back on his phone in no time, and I was quiet. I sat down, coughing to myself lightly as I took deep breaths and kept my straight posture.

"He's not going to show up."

"You're lying-"

"I feel embarrassed for you. The thought of you being excited and... whatever the fuck you feel when you're happy... it makes me want to pour acid into my eyes. He's not going to show-"

"Shut up," I practically swore. "Please just shut up."

"I don't even know why I care," he huffed in arrogance. "You're so stupid."

I bit my lip to try and hold back whatever I felt toward his hurtful words. He was... so mean.

"Why aren't you going to Dinner & Dance?"

"I have better things to do with my time." He whispered.

"Or is it because you can't find someone in my school who's good enough for you to take out?" I snapped, heavily exhaling as I anxiously waited and waited.

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