Chapter. 9

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[[ Colby's POV ]]

My small legs carry me through the halls in a hurry as Sam chases after me in long strides with desperation and desire. It been two days since I'd last lashed out at Sam and he's been trying to get to me ever since. I've threatened to call Brennen on him multiple times but he still wouldn't leave me to myself. Yet today, it seems like he'd had enough.

Sam snatched me into the boys' restrooms, despite my weak struggling, and held me up against the wall with no intention of letting me go. "Stop running away from me." His eyes were dark but also filled with sadness and anger. "Stop avoiding me, and stop denying." He said again, his voice almost broken and cracking.

I scoffed and went to push him off with my small hands but he grabbed them instead and pinned them against the wall by my head. "Stop trying to push me away, Colby." His voice was soft this time. Almost delicate. I stared deep into his eyes after wanting to do that for so long.

"I've seen the bruises that littered your arms, Colby. I've seen the black eye you came in with last week. But no amount of makeup and lies can hide your secrets or situation forever." said Sam, shaking his head the slightest as he tightens his grip on me but still making sure he was gentle.

"And all I could come to was one person who would do all that to you." My eyes finally met his again, filled with fear and panic. No, no, no he can't know. He'll tell and Brennen'll be sent to jail. But don't I want that? Don't I want to be free from all the abuse?

Brennen had gone wild these few days. Hitting me, abusing me and almost forcing me into something I was not ready for; losing my virginity. I wanted someone to hold me, to love me and to take care of me. But I love Brennen. At least that's what my mind tells me. My heart? I have no clue.

"Colby.." Sam whispered, lifting my chin with his two gentle fingers after he let loose of one of my hands. "It's Brennen, isn't it? He's been doing this to you, hurting you." He continued, eyes now a little darker as he says this. It almost scared me. But it also kept me at ease.

I avoided Sam's eyes instantly and pried at his other hand that still held me against the bathroom wall. Yet it was no use. "Colby, tell me this. Brennen has been hurting you, hasn't he?" Sam said a bit louder panicking me more. He's being too loud!

"Tell me, god damnit!" He finally yelled, punching the wall by my head and making me flinch. I looked up at Sam, my teary eyes just as similar as his. Tear-filled and sad. The smallest nod from me triggered Sam and he quickly pulled me into a hug, clutching at my clothes.

I couldn't help but hug him back. I felt so safe. I felt so safe that I almost didn't need to worry about what Brennen would do to me if he found us like that. Or in a matter of fact, me with another boy other than himself.

Speaking of Brennen, the boys' restroom door was suddenly swung open making us pull away almost instantly. Brennen stood there with dark eyes and laughed bitterly. He went to grab me by the hair and yank me over but Sam was quick enough to push me behind him.

"Stay away, Brennen. This is enough. He isn't your toy to play with." Sam spoke with sternness and warning, keeping his arms out to his sides. Unconsciously, I hid behind Sam, rushing my thoughts as I tried to predict what would happen after. I was so scared, I was almost visibly shaking.

"Oh, Sam, Sam, Sammy. Have you not known. That brat is what I call mine and what I do whatever I want with." Brennen said and I could just imagine the smirk displayed on his lips. His words surprisingly stung.

"Now, I suggest you leave me to my boy and scatter away or.." He said slowly, pulling out a pocket knife, "I'll be taking matters into my own hands." Brennen grinned, swirling the silver weapon around. "S-Sam, i-it's okay." I cried softly, tugging at his arm. The last thing I would want is to have Sam harmed because of me. He doesn't deserve this.

"He's not yours, Brennen. And I suggest you leave before I show you the true side of myself." This is what I feared of. And now it's become a reality all too soon. I can't have Sam die. Because once Brennen wants something..

he gets it.

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