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I'm Y/N L/N... I'm a young ninja that's about to be a genin. I can not wait for my graduation, so I can finally have an adventure. I always love to look for a new experience. There isn't much experience for me in the village.

I walk towards the academy, where I learn everything about being a shinobi from the very basics.

Soon enough, I reach the academy and head to class. I enter the class and walks towards my usual seat. A few moments later, our teacher... Iruka-sensei came bursting through the door, whilst dragging someone. Uzumaki Naruto.

'What did he do this time...' I thought to myself. He always got himself into various of trouble. But I kind of understand why he's been acting the way he is.

I can sense a strong chakra coming from him. I know he's not just a normal ninja. There's something in him... and that something is very dangerous and scary. That's probably why everyone is afraid of him. But I'm not... Naruto is actually my best-friend.

I remember the first time I met him. It was when I first came into this village. True... I'm an outsider. I have no choice but to move here... because my old village is run down by a group of rouge ninja. I don't know why they would destroy a small village. What are they after. I remember the attack very clearly... sometimes it even gave me nightmare.


I'm calmly training my shooting with my kunai. Even when I'm still young... 5 years old to be exact. I already know how to handle a kunai like a pro. I love to train... I spent most of my time training.

Then out of no where... my mom comes and pick me up. "Mommy? What's wrong? You interrupted my training..." I said. "No time to explain sweetie..." she said. I was so confused, but the look on her face stop me from asking any further.

She stops at the gate and place me on my feet. She hands me a backpack. "Now sweetie... listen to me carefully, okay?" She asks. I just nod my head. She hands me the backpack. "Inside here... it got every items you need... I need you to go straight to west... you'll be in a village... Konohagakure... Village hidden in the leaf... I need you to go there and stay there as your new home... got it?" She said. "But why?" I asks. "Just listen to me, okay? It's not safe for you to be here anymore..." she said. Then she took out something from her pocket.

It's a necklace with what looks like a dragon scale

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It's a necklace with what looks like a dragon scale. "This is Saphira... she's a blue dragon and she'll be your guardian... okay?" She place the necklace on my neck and in an instant... I can feel a strong presence.

Hello... Y/N. I jump and looks around. "You can hear her, right?" My mom asks me gently. I nod my head, still shock. "Now go... Saphira will guide you" she said. "But what about you, mom?" I ask as my eyes begin to tear up. "I'm sorry but I couldn't go with you..." she said, pulling her shirt and my eyes widened at the sight. She have a curse mark on her stomach... whoever have this mark will die a day after getting the mark... and it's going to be a very painful death.

"M-mom..." I cried out. She pulls me into a hug and caress my head softly. "Shh... it's going to be okay... mommy will be okay. I will always watch over you, okay sweetie?" She said. I just nod my head. She place a kiss on my forehead. "Now go..." she said. I pull away from her and turn. I start running to the direction she instruct me... with Saphira guiding me once in a while.

End of flashback

Y/N... pay attention... your sensei is talking to you. I heard Saphira said. It snaps me out of my thought. I look around the class and blush out of embarrassment when I notice everyone is looking at me.

"S-sorry sensei..." I stutter out. "It's okay... don't do it again next time... now come forward and show us your transformation skill..." he said. I stand up and walk up to the front of the class. Then I transform myself into a white lion.


Right now I'm standing next to Iruka-sensei as he watches Naruto cleaning the Hogake's monument. "You're not going anywhere until you finish cleaning everything" Iruka-sensei said. "Like I care! There's no one waiting for me at home anyway!" He said. Iruka-sensei then promise him to treat him to Ichiraku ramen shop if he cleans everything. This makes Naruto excited and starts cleaning faster. I smile to myself 'he really loves ramen, huh...' I thought to myself.

I jump and landed next to Naruto and he turns to me. "What are you doing, Y/N-Chan?" He asks. I smile at him. "I'm going to help you... it'll be faster that way..." I said. He grins at me "thanks!!" He said. Together we clean everything.

After we are done. They offers me to come with them. But I declined, saying I'm tired and need to get some rest. So I head home after that.

Once I reach home, I head to the bathroom for a quick shower and wear my casual outfit. I head back to my room and plop myself on the bed. I stare up at the ceiling for a while, then turn to my side. I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

Tomorrow will be the graduation exam... I hope everything will go well...

*to be continued*

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