Chapter 3

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2:25 PM

I was in front of my truck waiting on Jass she wanted to talk to me about something. She said she didn't want nobody to catch what she was gone say. Seems pretty serious.

Jass walked up to me. "Yo. Y/n Imma be straight up. Talia is sick. She is like hella weird. First she'll call you every 2 hours. Then when you dont answer she'll text you till you text back. After she starts coming by your house unannounced. I know this cause she went out with my 'brother' and made him move to Cali to get away from her. Stay away from her." Jass said looking me dead in my eyes.

"Why do you care so much?" I said smirking. "I'd hate to see a sexy girl like you get hurt." "Oh you think I'm sexy." I said smiling. "Yeah. Shit most beautiful girl I have ever seen." Jass said smiling. I blushed.

"Hey. You should hit me up." Jass said. "Sure." I said handing her my phone. "Call me anytime." Jass said handing me my phone back.

I turned to get in my truck and felt somebody smack my ass. I turned to see Talia. "Wassup." I asked. "Nothing just wondering why you were talking to Jass." "Cause it's a free country I can speak to whom ever I want." I said closing my door. "Well call me!" Talia said as I drove off.


2:50 PM

I had a talk with Jass cause I want her to stay away from Y/n. Jass so far as stolen so many girls and EVEN GUYS from Talia. Like this kid named Drew he claimed to be her best friend before she turned gay. Then you would catch Drew grabbing her ass. I hated seeing them all lovey dovey and shit.

I hopped into my car and drove home. Only to see my dad home and my mother no where to be found. "Yo wassup dad?" I said dapping him up. "Nothing much. The new neighbors invited us over." He said grabbing a wine cooler and walking to the couch. "Cool." "Go get ready we're going over to there at 6. That'll give you time to do your little routine." Dad said sipping his wine cooler. "Yo don't knock my hustle dad." I said chuckling and going up to my room.

Though it was only 3 I like to take hour showers. So this will give me time to shower wash my hair and pick out my clothes. My dad says I'm like a female when it comes to getting ready to go some where.

I did my routine and by the time I got ready mom was home from work and everyone was ready.

"Hey ma. You ready?" I asked coming down the stairs. "Yep lets go. We don't wanna be late do we?" Mom said. "No ma'am." Me and dad said chuckling.



I was in my room playing Jacquees Feel it ft. Lloyd and Rich homie quan. "Talkin bout girlfriends when a young nigga got like 3 of 'em." I rapped with Rich homie quan.

"Princesa come downstairs. They're here." Mom yelled up the stairs. I stopped my music and I came down the stairs. I looked only to see pretty boy Christain.

"Pretty girl." Christain's mother said. "Gorgeous." Christain said. I blushed and stood next to my mother. "Thank you." "She must take up after her mother." Christain's Dad said. "Nah that's all her dad." Me and my mom laughed.

"Well we didn't come empty handed. We brought pie." Christain's mom said "Thank you. Y/n why don't you and Chris go and set the table." Mom said handing me the pie. "Ok mom."

"So new girl. You clean up nice." "I wish I could say the same." I said laughing. Chris laughed with me. "And it's Y/n. Not new girl." I said grabbing the plates. "I know. Princesa." Chris said laughing at me. "Shut up Chris." I said throwing a napkin at him.

"So does your mom know? About you being gay?" Chris asked placing utensils next to the plates. "Yeah she knows. She said that im still little mija so it doesn't matter." I said laughing. " I don't know why you would even wanna be gay. You're beautiful queen and you should have a king by your side." Christain said looking at me. "I had one and then he broke my heart and ever since I never trusted another nigga." I said shrugging and started putting the food on the table.

"The table is set ma." I yelled grabbing the baked chicken off the counter sitting it on the table in the middle of the mashed potatoes, green beans, yellow rice, mac and cheese, and cabbage. "Well I'll be damned. Maria you with all out for dinner huh?" Christain's dad said. "Yeah I didn't know if  you guys liked mashed potatoes and green beans with your chicken or yellow rice mac and cheese and cabbage. So we cooked both."  "Oh you didn't have to." Christain's mom said. "Just sit down Virginia." Christain's dad said.

We prayed over the food and ate. The night was going nice until Mr. David, Chrisains dad brought up my sexuality. His words kinda hit a nerve. "So your fine with your daughter being a dike." He chuckled. "Look no disrespect sir but your crossing a line that I suggest you back that ass up from." I said forming a fist. "Y/n please calm down." My mom said rubbing my shoulder. "May I be excused? Thank you." I got up and walked outside not waiting for an answer.

"Y/n? Yo Y/n!" I heard somebody say. I turned around and saw Jass jogging up to me. "Hey Jass." I said giving her a small smile. "You never called me." She said grabbing my hands. "I never got the chance."  I said looking up at her. "Well are you doing anything right now. I wanna take you out." "My mom and I are having dinner with Christain and his parents. It's not going so well." I said looking down. Jass tilted my head up. "Look dinner is probably almost over anyway. Just push through it and call me when its over. Ok?" Jass pecked my lips. "Ok." I said blushing and letting go of her hands.

Jass started walking away. "Oh and Jass?" I yelled before Jass drove off. "Yea?" "Next time you're about to kiss me. Ask first." I said walking back into the house.

"Y/n are you ok?" Mom asked. "I'm fine." I said still smiling. I sat down at the table and began to eat my food. "Why you so happy?" Chris asked whispering into my ear. "Cause." I said continuing to eat.

8:00 PM

FINALLY Christain and his parents left. Christain and his mother apologized for his dads actions. Apparently he had a couple of drinks before he got here. But I honestly didn't care. I couldn't wait for them to leave so I could call Jass. That girl is something. 

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