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•< Tori & Luca above in outfits >•
•{ Tori's POV }•

It's been a few months since Vera and Stefan agreed to take over the mafia. In fact I'm three month and even though I'm still not showing much I've defiantly gained a little weight mainly in my boobs though.

Luca doesn't know I'm pregnant yet no one outside of Gio and I know. I have managed to keep it too secret.

Luca proposed to me not long after I started talking to him and he told me the other office that was a safe zone was my office.

His proposal was on the roof with it covered in flower petals and candles his word were
"Tori, I've been attracted to you from the moment I saw you but with every second of everyday I fall in love with you. I respect you more than anyone else and I look at you as the only woman capable to be my equal. You are strong, beautiful, and have an amazing personality and a humor to match mine. Victoria Nicole Miller Ferrari, will you do me the honor of spending the rest of your life with me?"

I said yes..and gave love a chance.

Vera finally had her and Stefan's som this week and I am officially his godmother and Luca is his godfather. I even had the privilege of giving him a middle name.

My handsome godsons name is -
Cristian Diego Lombardi Ivanov

Cristian took his mother's surname because his grandfather was the original underboss for the Russian mafia but they still added Stefan's surname in with his name.


Although Alex and Micheal went back to America they are back for a visit and even brought Diane my old boss who helped me design my perfect mafia wedding dress.

Oh did I forget to mention today is the wedding day? My bad.

Everyone is already here and even though I have a father and a father figure I choose to walk myself down the aisle.

However it's time to make my grand entrance and I can already see everyone but they can't see me yet...but I'm freaking out.

I should tell Luca. About the baby.
I wanted to but it never seemed like the time.
I hear the music that is suppose to be my cue but I stay planted where I am hidden.

I hear people start talking probably wondering where I am and soon Greta comes to check on me. "Tori honey are you ok?" She asks

"I'm fine but before I can walk down that aisle I need to talk to Luca. It's important." I tell her

"Are you finally going to tell him about the baby?" Greta asks with a smile and I loose my mind and gasp of shock

"You know...how?" I ask

"I have good instincts. I told you before that you two were made for each other." Greta says

"You amaze me Greta and I'm grateful for you. Which is why before you send Luca I have a big favor to ask." I tell her

"What is it?" She asks

"I want you to take my mothers chair in between Michael and my father. You remind me of her in some ways and I know she would love you and appreciate how you have had my back since I've been here. It would mean a lot to me if you would step in for her today."
I say with a smile and tears in my eyes

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