Stress Reliever (fluff i guess?)

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(Where Brian is stressed due to work and Jae helps him through)

Jae frowned and sighed deeply as he quietly watched the tense idol sitting at his desk, the annoyed grunts and vigorous squeaks of pen against paper being the only sounds heard in the almost silent dorm room. The man sighed and ran his fingers through his hair with agitation as he tried to think of words to make not just an average song but a song that would make DAY6 a band to compete with. He rolled the sleeves of his plaid shirt to his elbows and took a sip of his third coffee that hour, trying to stay awake.

To say Brian was stressed was an understatement. Jae knew how badly Brian was struggling with this particular project yet he didn't want to get in his way and distract him from his work. JYP had given them the task of releasing a song ever month for the year and being a self-producing band put even more pressure on the group. However, no one felt as much stress as the main lyricist. Brian was a perfectionist which meant that even if his work was outstanding, one of his best pieces, if he didn't think it was good enough he'd scrunch it up, throw it in the bin and start again. There was no room for mistakes and he would never let his team down. Ever. That's what worried Jae the most. He really couldn't believe that Brian was still so hard on himself even after all these years, especially when he knew that Jae was there for him. Being his boyfriend, it was kind of his job and he was gonna make sure he fulfilled it.

"Bri," he said quietly, emerging from his hiding spot behind the door. Brian turned around, looking at his worried boyfriend and smiled tiredly.

"What's up baby, do you need something?" He slurred, eyes barely open as he placed his pen on the desk and moved his hand to the side of the man's small waist.

"Yes I do need something," Jae started, staring sternly into his boyfriends half shut eyes, "I need you to go to bed."

Brian sighed gently as he furrowed his eyebrows and caressed his lovers cheek. "You know I can't baby, I have a lot of work to do."

"Yeah I know but I'm worri-"

"Jae I'm fine-"

"No you're not!" He shouted, tears threatening to fall down his red face. "You're not fine! You aren't sleeping, you aren't eating, you're barely even staying awake during rehearsals and you're making me worried sick Younghyun! This has been repetitive every single day for nearly 6 months and it's unhealthy! I couldn't even do anything to help which makes me the worst teammate and most importantly the worst boyfriend ever and it's all my fault!" Jae panted, easily accepting the salty tears to run freely down his face as he let out his built up emotions.

Brian smiled sadly and pulled him into his lap, "It's not your fault Jae, it's mine and not only did I neglect my health but I neglected you also." The blonde sniffled and pouted slightly.

"You kinda did didn't you," he replied quietly. Brian chuckled at his cute remark, "But I'll make sure to change that," he whispered before capturing his boyfriend's trembling lips into his, his rough hands wrapping fully around the boy's waist with tender love. The taller gasped with surprise before slowly wrapping his arms around the others neck, melting into the kiss like so many times before. It wasn't heated or desperate yet it still held the same amount of passion as any other they had together. Nearly 2 years they'd been together and yet the kisses had always held the same amount of love in them, no matter what emotions they had at the time.

Brian pulled back slowly, tilting Jae's chin up to meet eye to eye. "I'll be better from now on" he whispered.

"Promise?" Jae asked cutely, sticking out his pinkie finger. Brian smiled fondly before linking his finger with the others,

"Promise." Jae beamed with happiness and hugged Brian tightly, hiding his head in the crane of Younghyun's neck. They stayed like that until the writer fell fast asleep, his chin heavily laying onto the blonde's head, his arms protectively wrapped around his frail body as the other soon followed.

6 months later~

"It's over!!" The musician squealed, running over to his bed and falling onto it face first, sighing happily as if all stress was stripped from him completely. Brian snickered at his idiot of a boyfriend and threw himself on top of him, tickling his sides. Loud giggles erupted from the body beneath him, small tears travelling down his face.

"Bri-Brian sto-op it please!" He laughed as he tried to tackle the strong man on top of him but failed miserably. The man finally gave in and smiled goofily at the panting boy, admiring his gorgeous features as he was reminded of something.

"Thank you Jae," he said sincerely, gently pecking the top of the dorks nose after the boy had calmed down.

"For what?" Jae replied, confused.

Brian smirked before leaning closely to his boyfriend's face, making the boy flush red. "For being my very own personal stress reliever of course." He chuckled, "You're the only reason I'm still able to cope with all this."

The boy snorted, cheeks still pink, "I don't know why I love you," he joked.

"Would you like a reminder?" The fox-eyed man asked sensually into the latter's ear. Jae smiled widely, biting his lip.

"I guess that would be nice,"

The two men giggled and proceeded to give themselves a well earned reward.

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