Chapter 2

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Izuku's POV~

I walked into the Agency with a sleepy smile on my face. I was hoping no one would recognize the signs of tiredness, but I was promptly shut down.

"You didn't relax like you were supposed to, did you?" Uraraka's voice said, pulling me out of my own thoughts.

"No, I did! I really did, but relaxing doesn't constitute a restful night." I said with a shrug. I was pretty used to running off of minimal sleep. Between my schedule and my insomnia, it was hard for me to get more than four hours on a good night, sometimes not getting any. Last night was a sleepless one. My thoughts were to busy bouncing off the walls because of Kacchan and Kirishima. The whole encounter just left a bad taste in my mouth. It was too weird.

Ura sighed at my words. "You should really get some meds or something. You can't keep pushing yourself like this, it's not healthy." She said with a worried look.

My smile formed a sad one at her worry. I hated making people worry.

"You know how I feel about that Ura." I said softly. I knew I needed help, but I was confident I could handle my problems myself, I mean I'm the symbol of peace. If I got medication, it'd be like admitting defeat. I can take down dozens of villains at once, but I can't fight off insomnia?

"I know, I know, but you shouldn't! Look at me Deku, I take anxiety meds and it doesn't make me any less of a hero." She said.

I knew where she was coming from, and I knew that my mind set was ridiculous. Most pros now a days take medication for something or another, mainly PTSD and anxiety. It kind of comes with the territory. I knew it didn't make them any less of a hero than before, and I would never think less of Uraraka or Shoto or Iida or anyone else, but it felt different when it came to me. I had spent so much of my life being weak and useless, I had to prove myself. I had to keep proving myself.

"I hate seeing you like this, you look like a smiling zombie. No wants to see you like this. Do you think All Might would be happy with how careless you're being about your own well being?" She asked. I flinched when she brought up All Might.

"Yeah well he isn't here, is he?" I asked her, just a little bit bitter. She wasn't shocked by it. She knew how I'd react if she brought him up.

"I have to go." I shoved past her and made my way to get ready for patrol.

"Deku, wait!-" I heard her call after me, but I didn't change my pace.


I had already been patrolling for a few hours, the sun had just officially set, and I was getting more cautious. The dark really brings out the colorful characters. Not necessarily more dangerous, just... more.

It took ten minutes of darkness to spot something troubling happening.

I was standing on top of a building, scoping out the area below me. I was in the shady part of the city tonight, so I was expecting it to be busy. There were a few shadows moving through a side alley at a swift pace. Obviously running through an alley isn't illegal, but it was definitely something suspicious, so I kept my eyes on them.

I stayed still until the shadows stopped at the end of the alley, peaking a head out and looking up and down the street, then moving much more slow and cautious across the deserted road.

Carrying a big brown sack with a money symbol on the side.

What are they? Cartoons?

I scoffed at whatever it is they were doing and jumped off the building down to the street. It was clearly supposed to lure someone in, probably me, but I was curious, so I just went with it. I played right into their hands. Because of a cartoon money sack. I wanted to hear the logic behind it, sue me.

"Whatcha got there, buddy?" I asked the guy carrying it. I startled him and he jumped into the air, nearly dropping the bag.

"Fucking damn it bro, give me a heart attack why don't ya." The guy said. He was wearing a black mask, resembling a hockey mask, so I couldn't see his face. Just his red hair that was tied back in a ponytail.

"Sorry bout that." I said, feeling just a tad bit of remorse. "But I'm here, I took the bait. Mind explaining the cartoon bag now?" I asked him, amusement clear in my voice.

"O-oh that? Yeah that's nothing. There is definitely is not money or anything in here." He said with a nervous laugh.

I was seriously starting to reconsider my first analysis. He could actually have money in there and he's just this stupid. Or it could still be a diversion, which means there's someone else waiting to pounce.

I sucked in a breath through my teeth. "Yeah, I'm gonna have to ask what's in the bag." I said with a shrug.

For the first time, I actually took a moment to look at him. All of him. Besides his mask, that I now see a think red stripe going down the center of it, he was wearing a blood red dress shirt, a black tie, and a black vest. Finishing it off with black dress pants, that also had a thick red stripe going down the sides of each leg.


I knew who this was. He doesn't have an official name, but the media had elected for calling him 'Red', appropriately. This guy was extremely dangerous. And extremely wanted. There's got to be at least twenty posters on this road alone.

But if he was there, that meant it was a diversion. His partner was no where in sight.

Zero, again the media for some reason, this name didn't make sense like Red, but it wasn't my problem. Zero was even worse than Red. Aggressive and violent with a quirk to match. He would blow apart whole buildings just for the hell of it.

They had both been on the most wanted list for years, but no one's been able to capture them yet. Half the people they come across end up dead or missing.

I was very much in trouble.

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