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"You already know what my father does," Yuna suddenly said after Ryujin finished the video recording, looking down at the camcorder.

Ryujin turned to look at her from admiring the room. She honestly expected it to be pink and filled with stuffed animals, and she turned out to be right. It was weird, being held hostage in a pink room with dolls and teddy bears. It was weird how someone as dangerous as Yuna liked the color pink and snuggled up with stuffed animals. One particular bear caught her eye, though, sticking out from the rest of her room; it didn't have a soft cotton outside, but a gold metallic shell with a black and gold ensemble on. On the stomach of the bear was what looked to be some sort of family crest, a black bird in the middle of it. Ryujin cautiously picked up the bear and held it for examination. She was surprised that Yuna didn't say anything about touching her belongings.

"But I'm not gonna repeat myself," Yuna continued. She sat down at her desk and began to hook the recording device up to cables coming from a very expensive looking computer.

"He's a very good man."

Ryujin resisted the urge to scoff.

"He's family-oriented, cared much about his kids and wife. Cared much about his workers, although he doesn't show it much. He's also very good at what he does. Some would even say he was the best. I think he is, anyways."

Yuna tapped some keys on the keyboard in front of her, sitting angled so she could still see Ryujin properly. "What have they told you about him?"

Well, then. Ryujin wasn't going to mention how Yeji told her everything she knew. Then again, Yuna wasn't stupid.

"Um," Ryujin fumbled with the bear in her lap—it was heavier than she thought it would be, "he hired them to look after you."

Yuna let out a tiny chuckle. "They were never that great at their jobs."

Ryujin couldn't agree more disagree to that statement. "They also said that, uh, my dad killed yours?"

"Precisely!" Yuna slammed her hand on the desktop before spinning around to fully face Ryujin, looking as mad as she did earlier. "Your foolish father, who worked for mine, is the reason mine is gone! Because he's an imbecile, an idiot, a pansy, innumerate—"

"Illiterate," Ryujin softly corrected.

"No, I meant innumerate—that stupid man couldn't count to save his life! And it was that disability that costed my father's life!"

"So, your dad's dead?"

"That's not the point!" Yuna was seething, gripping the fabric of her dress tightly. "Your dad killed my dad!"

"And how is that my fault?"

The smile Yuna began to wear again was the most terrifying thing Ryujin's ever seen. She shifted uncomfortably on the bed, ready to bolt out the door if necessary. Although, Yuna would hit her so quick with that bat, and that's why she hadn't tried anything beforehand.

"You have to suffer—he has to suffer. You're gonna help me lure him, Ryujin. You're his child, his beloved daughter. He can't say no to you..."

"He left me and my mom years ago!" Ryujin practically yelled. "He never called to check on us or anything! What makes you think he'll come to me now?"

"Oh, shut up. Fathers can't not love their daughters. They have to. He'll come to you. He'll help you. And I'll have him. And Father will be proud of me!"

"But he's dead!"

Ryujin regretted saying that when Yuna let out an angry scream and swung her bat to hit at one of the bedposts holding the canopy up. Ryujin shielded herself from splintering wood with the bear in her hands.


No way. Ryujin had to get out of there immediately. She was lucky Yuna hit the bed, but she could be next if she wasn't careful. Ryujin jerked in her spot, itching to just run out of there and risk the bat that would surely swing at her head.

Multiple heavy footsteps could be heard down the hallway, and Ryujin jumped over the side of the bed in fright.

"Are you okay, Miss Shin?" An unfamiliar deep voice asked.

Ryujin could not believe her ears when, in a sweet voice that didn't nearly reflect her mood a few seconds ago, Yuna replied with, "Yeah. Just having fun with Ryujin!"

Fun? Fun? FUN?!

"Come on, Ryujin. Put in your email."

A hand was held out to Ryujin, who was shaking in her spot on the ground, clutching the bear for comfort. Yuna smiled prettily down at her, but it only made Ryujin's stomach churn. Yuna was both smart and dangerous, which made for a terrible mix.

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this fic was supposed to go a completely different direction ngl. yuna was supposed to stay the bright, bubbly girl who couldn't show her personality because her dad wanted her to act a certain way, so she would often visit ryujin in the basement (her dad was also supposed to be alive still) and they would talk then fall in love and yee

school has (sadly) started for me, so my stories will now resume their dumb updating schedule AKA whenever i'm able to yeet a chapter out *sad yeehaw*

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