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     Utopia; an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect

Chapter 1

The thump of my high topped green converse hitting the tile floor echoed through the halls of Sycamore Highschool. A loud ringing sounded from the squared speakers placed directly above the rows of lockers
"GOOOOOODmorning Timberwolves today is September 1st 2002"
I skidded to a stop in front of my locker and threw my backpack into the small opening pulling my binder out of it in the process.
"Please stand for the pledge"
My fingers slid through my dishevelled hair as I raced down the hallway towards homeroom. I opened the door quickly the whole room snapping towards the sound. My teacher glared pointing to an empty desk towards the center of the room before turning around and writing my name on the white board behind him 'Paul Matthews'. I gulped and quickly weaved through the other desks
"You may be seated"
Everyone in the room gratefully obeyed. I rested my chin on the palm of my hand and listened aimlessly at whatever senior they decided would get to host the morning announcements this school year. The doors opened again to reveal a girl with short Raven colored hair. She was wearing round glasses that framed her freckled face almost perfectly, some light blue jeans that were ripped at her knees and a black and white baseball like tee
"I'm sorry, is this Mr.Blackwell's class?" she pushed her glasses up her nose and looked down at her schedule to make sure she was in the right place.
"This is, and you are" he out stretched his hand for her to give him her schedule. She happily obliged and handed it over
"Alice, Alice Mayview sir. I just transferred from Clivesdale"
"So it seems, have a seat over there" I followed her with my eyes as she walked towards the other end of the room and sat next to a window, "Mr. Matthews" i was knocked out of my dazed like state
"Are you going to pay attention or would you like me to make your detention longer"
I cleared my throat "Sorry sir" I looked down at my desk to block out the students snickering around me. I bell chimed to signify the end of the first period. The people around me all stood up and filed out the door
"Paul, can i see you please" I took in a deep breath and walked towards Mr. Blackwell's desk. I looked at him right as he let out a slight sigh "only three weeks into the school year and you've been late to my class more than half of the days"
"My car-"
"I don't need excuses Paul, I need you to show up to my class on time. Go" I nodded my head and exited the classroom. I reached my locker in record time and quickly unlocked it to grab my math textbook. When I closed my locker door I noticed 'Alice' struggling with her lock
"D-do you need help" I walked towards her
"Oh please... we didn't have lockers at clivesdale" she lightly chuckled
"Oh um right, the combo?" I grabbed hold of the lock after setting my book on the floor by us
"It uh..." she looked down at her schedule "12 25 14" I effortlessly turned the lock until it clicked out of place
"There you go" I smiled lightly before running a hand through my hair and picking back up my text book
"Oh thank you so much.. Um"
"Paul" I put my hand out towards her for a shake
"Thanks Paul" I turned around and started to walk towards my next class "Um Paul?" she called
"Hmm?" I turned back around
"Im sorry do you know where room 205 is?"
"Yeah sure, go up those stairs turn left and it's the first room on the right"
walked off
"yeah anytime!" I called after her I let out a content sigh as the bell chimed again "Shit" I turned around and sprinted down the hallway

I walked into the cafeteria exhausted and walked towards my 'normal' table
"Wow Paul you look... dead"
"Haha thanks Bill really making me feel so good" I rolled my eyes and pushed down my bestfriends head. He laughed as I took my seat and passed me a small bag of Cool Ranch doritos
"I'm guessing Junior year isn't going to hot for you is it" He bite down on one of his chips
"Yeah you could say that" I pulled apart the chip bag and watched the cafeteria doors intently
"Who are we looking for?" Bill whispered
"N-no one" I cleared my throat
"N-n-n-no one" he made fun of me. I groaned in response and our lunch period carried on like normal

The end of the day rolled around and i exhaustedly opened my locker. I grabbed only the books i needed to do my homework but as i was about to close my locker and leave the building i heard alice speak up
"hey paul, could you help me.. again" she laughed lightly
"yeah sure.. locks i guess are kinda complicated" i started to turn the dial when i felt a pat on my back
"hey bud, we're still going to boomerang right" Bill spoke up
"yeah sure. just give me-"
"and who may you be" he smiled at Alice
"alright Bill don't scare her away"
"i'm alice" she smiled
"a pleasure. would you care to join us?"
"oh uh what's-"
"it's a-" bill cut me off
"it's this arcade at the edge of the island. really cool it was built in an abandoned warehouse. best pizza in all of hatchetfield" i laughed lightly
"you don't have to-" she smiled before realizing her locker was opened for her
"no i'd love too it's just, i have to unpack. But i'll uh. i'll see you in homeroom"
"how about tomorrow"
"don't push bill"
"oh well auditions for the fall musical are tomorrow.. but maybe after. you can come watch if you want" she smiled at us
"we don-"
"sounds like a plan, see you tomorrow bye alice" we both watched as she walked away

"paul you don't like musicals"

"shut up bill"

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