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-"Us" I like the sound of that

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-"Us" I like the sound of that.-

We walked what seem like miles to me. Mando put me down a couple miles back when I told him I could walk. I turn my head a bit to look at the baby. He looked around curious  about the stuff around him. I smiled when he cooed at me when he turned and looked at me.

"You know Mando we could keep him and not turn him in to the creep." I said to Mando but I didn't turn to look at him.

"No." That's all at Mando said. I rolled my eyes at this because I already know Mando didn't like this.

I was about to say something when I heard something move rocks under their feet. Mando and me stop to look around. Mando grabbed his blaster while I grabbed my lightsaber. A bounty hunter jumped on top of Mando. Mando pushed the baby out of harms way. While another bounty hunter jumped down a Trandoshan jumped on top of me. But I fall onto the ground with it on top of me. It was trying to cut me with it's weapon. I could barely block it off with my saber. I manage to cut it's weapon end, and I kick the creature off of me, when it falls off of me, I jump up, and I stab it. I see Mando shoot the other creature that runs towards the baby. Mando looked at the tracking fob,and then to the baby.

"Do I need to finish off any of them." Mando asked me. I shook my head, but stop when I see a cut on Mando arm.

"You're hurt. No, they didn't see it besides the one I killed." I said looking at Mando. I walk up to him to look at his arm, but he stops me.

"I'll be fine, but I'm worried about you. Come on." Mando said to while walking towards me.

"I'm fine Mando, don't start worrying about me now." I said leaning on him.

"Hm... We need to find somewhere we can rest." Mando said walking off with me still leaning him for support.

I was laying down while Mando was messing with his arm. I told him I could help, but he refused saying "you need to rest." I took off my cloak and mask. I get up to walk over to Mando.

"You are the most stubborn man I've ever meet. You know this right?! Let me do it." I said to Mando after I sit down next to him.

"Yes I know. You told me this a thousand times already. Fine. We need to talk about what you said early. You're not off the hook." Mando said to me. I sighted and I nodded my head

"I didn't tell, because you couldn't do the thing you wanted to do." I said while messing with his arm.

"Yes I can." Mando said looking down at me.

"No you can't. They're your covert Mando. You can't get information out of the guy who took my father and you can't track my father down. I won't let you do anything stupid you know this by now." I said pausing to look at him.

"You deserve to know what happened to your father." Mando said grabbing my other hand that didn't have the tool in it. I sighed, but I looked at the kid and smiled at him.

"I know but maybe we'll get answers someday." I said starting to work on his arm again.

I looked up when I hear Mando gasp and I see the baby try to touch Mando arm. I thought. No he's not doing what I think he's doing. Mando stands up to put in him back in his crib. Mando sits back down but he starts to work on his chest pieces. I laugh a little bit when I see the kid trying to touch his arm again. But I stop when I see Mando shut the crib.

"You didn't have to do that." I said to Mando shaking my head.

"I didn't want him to touch it. We'll get your answer when we turn in this kid." Mando said looking at me.

"Why do have to we have to turn him in Mando. He's just a kid,you know he didn't do anything. I don't need the anwser that badly." I said looking straight into his visor. I knew I was looking in his eyes even though I can't see his eyes.

"We have to do this we can't go on the run with him." Mando said turning his head so he wasn't looking at me.

"If that was me would you turn me in?" Has soon as I say that he turn his back to look at real quick.

"That's different and you know that Asta." Mando said locking eyes with me. I still can't see his eyes but I can feel it.

"No it's not Mando. You know it too." I said shaking my head.

"I had the choice to turn you in and I never did it. Did I." Mando said grabbing my hand again.

"You still haven't made your point how's it's different." I said while I look down at our hands. I let a small smile make it to my face but it falls in shock. When Mando says something I didn't expect him to say.

"I love you Asta. That's how it's different. I couldn't turn you in even if I was forced too." Mando said putting his hand on my cheek.

"I love you too Mando. Why didn't you say something before. We could have avoided us arguing, you big goof." I said smiling while I moving my hand to his.

"Come on we need to sleep. We'll talk more about us. When we're in the Razor Crest." Mando said laying down. I started to lay down. But I cuddle into to the side of Mando.

"Us. I like the sound of that." I said closing my eyes and falling asleep.


I know it's shorter then normal but I wanted to get this out. Thank you so much for 2.k viewers. I've always wanted to write on here but I had no idea what to write then the Mandalorian came out. I got inspired to write a book about it. You guys also give me a reason to write to. So thank you so much again.

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