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•< Tori's outfit above >•
•{ Tori's POV }•

I walk into the meeting room and all of guys look at me as if they've seen a ghost.
None of them speak but their eyes tell me all I need..all of them are worried about me yet relieved to see me but confused now that they see me dressed like this.

I see Michael give me a smile and I send him my own.

"If you are still looking on how to end the Russians once and for all I've been working on a plan of my own..and before any of you ask I'm better and I went to get some air and to the clinic for a check up." I say normally

All of them seem shocked.

"I told you she just has her way of dealing."
Alex says with a shrug and I send him a smile

"How was the check up?" My father asks

"I'm healing properly and back to normal health. Gio says he expects my appetite to go back to normally soon." I tell everyone

I see Luca watching me carefully and I know he is watching me suspiciously. Suddenly Vera is hugging me from the side causing a few of them to jump up almost as if to stop her but I just hesitate but hug her back.

"Victoria Nicole Miller Ferrari, you are defiantly my sons godmother."
Vera tells me and I smile

"You are having a son." I say knowing she found out the gender and just spilt the beans about it in front of everyone

"Oh freaking sh!t" She mumbles and I let out a light laugh and say "I'd be honored to be your sons godmother."

"Vera is one firecracker when she's pregnant. She came in demanding that we find you.
She's actually the one who put everything together for us." Lorenzo says

I look at Vera and say "Thank you..."

Then I look around the room and say "Actually thank all of you for everything..."

Surprisingly Francesco speaks first and says "You don't have to thank family..and that's exactly what you are to us."

I give him a smile and he returns it.

Then Lorenzo and Marco come up to me and hug me both saying "It's good to have you back."

I hug Riccardo, Angelina, Elena, and Francesco and then I hug my father and he says "I'm glad you are okay." I give a smile then I go and hug Alex and Michael and Greta.

"Greta gave everyone but mainly your father and Luca a strong talking to about respecting you and she was right." Marco says

"We don't give you the respect you deserve."
Riccardo says

"But I think it's time all of us start."
Francesco says

"I've always respected you because you are a bad a$$ b!tch" Lorenzo says with a smirk

I return the smirk and say "The baddest."

Lorenzo laughs and nods

I then look at Luca and say "The best way to end the Russians is to cheat the mafia system."

He raises an eyebrow and I send him a smirk and say "If only you had someone who was Russian in your mafia then you could simply just take it over and combine them."

I let my eyes drift over to Vera and back to Luca who returns my smirk once he realizes my plan.

"You are fucking gorgeous genius."
Luca says and I shrug with a smile and say
"Oh I know."

"Are we missing something here?"
Lorenzo asks

"We will help Vera and Stefan claim the Russian territory therefore we won't ever have to worry about the Russians again. We can keep peace and have more power and land than we already have." Luca says

"What? That is insane." Stefan says

"It's actually genius. I'm Russian. My father was apart of the mafia. Meaning now that I'm married to you a loyal Italian in the mafia it would be easy for us to take over and combine the mafias. It would keep our son safe."
Vera says

"Are you really serious about this, sweetheart?"
Stefan asks

"Anything to keep our family and our sons future safe." Vera says

Stefan nods and says "If you'll help we'll do it but only if we get to keep our place here in Italy." to Luca

Luca nods and says "Of course."

And with that the new mafia began to be born when the Italians, Russians, and Americans joined forces like some sort of comic book to keep the peace and out families safe.

God I almost feel bad for whoever try's to come against one of us...

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