fuck that

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I dont usually post relationship stuff here but

he doesn't have this account so

fuck that

I'm starting to feel like an annoyance and I'm so fucking tired of begging for attention at the hands of people who don't care

I mean

It just feels like I'm annoying him and I cant help this shit

I hate being so goddamn unhealthy

I dont want him feeling like my health assistant but all I want is to be able to talk to him

That's all

The bare fucking minimum that I can never get

I dont want him feeling responsible for me

But if I'm such a goddamn annoying then why should I have opened up to him or at least TRIED

I'm regretting trying to be healthy for him. I'm regretting trying to talk to him. I'm regretting opening up and letting him into a more personal part of myself.

It just never seems to be fucking enough. It seems like I'll never be enough for the people I love.

Fuck that.

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