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Based upon the "The council will decide your fate" meme

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Based upon the "The council will decide your fate" meme.

But this one, though in the format of a meme poster, is not a joke. With the new year comes new happenings, so I have a new system of how to deal with people who stir up trouble on my pages. Starting now, here is how things will work around here:

1. If you cause a problem anywhere on my pages, be it a hurtful saying, a threat or something else, I will do nothing. (An exception I made is if you are one of the worst people on the site who is still at it with the notorious things you do, in which case I will immediately block you.)
2. I do nothing about it yet because with you being someone I have never met, I want us to get to know each other. If you stop doing it fully, I will consider being friendly with you. But if the trouble continues, I will consider blocking you. It doesn't matter how long it is before I actually do.
3. Number 2 applies to my friends as well because I want to see whether or not you will continue to do what you have done. Seeing as you are a friend of mine, I might give you a temporary block depending on how severe the problem was.

Version 2 of this will be out soon.

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