47• Would A Nude Portrait Be To Your Liking?

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47• Would A Nude Portrait Be To Your Liking?

WHEN school started back up and I was back in first period AP Art, Tree wouldn't leave me alone until I spilled everything

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WHEN school started back up and I was back in first period AP Art, Tree wouldn't leave me alone until I spilled everything. Everything about my brother and Alexander, and especially everything about Jesse and me. And, of course, there was a lot to tell. Tree did not once leave the stool in front of my desk.

"I am blown away. Jesse Campbell has been your mystery boy the entire time? And now you're dating?" Tree gushed, clapping his hands together. "This is great, my little Alex Hamilton. My star student is finally buckling down!"

"Buckling down?" I laughed. "Yeah, right. I'm not settling down and having kids with him right now! I'm seventeen!"

"And clearly this is end-game," Tree said. "You're telling me you haven't been thinking about what you'll name your kids?"

I rolled my eyes. "I most certainly have not. However, my parents would do something like that. Which is why I don't tell them every single detail of my relationship with Jesse."

"And your parents are supportive of Tyler and Alexander too?" Tree asked and I nodded. "I cannot believe it. You are the luckiest girl alive. Your parents have names for your future children and they support your newly un-closeted brother!"

"They baked him a rainbow cake," I added.

Tree's eyes widened and he grinned. "A rainbow cake! My goodness. Please tell me you have a picture!"

I couldn't help but smile as I pulled out my phone. My mom really had gone all-out the night Tyler came home, baking him a 6-layer rainbow cake. Each layer, obviously, was a shade of the rainbow. Tyler said it was overkill, but my parents were just being overly supportive. Now, almost a week later and with it being Thursday, the day before the first big basketball game since last year, my mom was planning on making Tyler more rainbow-themed desserts and foods. Tomorrow night? Mom was planning on baking cookies that were shaped and colored like rainbows. Now that was overkill. The now openly gay Tyler Hamilton would be drowning in all things rainbow for the next month or so.

I swiped to my camera roll and handed Tree my phone, showing him the extravagant cake my mom had made. He gasped when he laid his eyes on the photo.

"That is extreme," Tree said, handing me my phone back. "If I don't see your brother by the end of the day, you must tell him how happy I am for him."

"Will do, Tree," I agreed. "He and Alexander are really good. They're hanging out tonight actually with Jesse and me at our house."

"All four of you? Very fun," Tree said. "You know, that gives you a great chance to begin the first project of our second semester!"

"What's the project? I thought it wasn't going to be assigned until next week."

"It's not," Tree started, standing up, "however, I think I'll tell you what it is anyway, just because you're my favorite ever."

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