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Author P.O.V

A h/c girl is walking home from school. She feels excited to show her reports card to her parents.

'Mom and S/N-Unnie will be very proud of me... I can't wait to see their reaction after they know I excel in every class' she thought to herself excitedly.

Soon enough, she reaches her home. "Mom!! I'm home!" She yells out. But no responds.

"Mom? Unnie? Where are you guys?" She calls out, but there are no respond.

She looks everywhere for her mom, but no one is there. Then she heads upstairs to her room.

She knocks on the door, but no respond. So she slowly opens the door. "Mom? Are you here?" She calls out. She could hear the sound of water running in the bathroom. She turns her head to the bathroom to see the door is open.

She walks towards the bathrook and peak through. Tears instantly streams down her cheeks when she saw what's in front of her.

"Mom?!" She screams out. There lies her mother in the bath tub filled with blood. She rush towards it and turns the water off. She pulls her mom out of the bath tub, not caring if she gets blood on her shirt.

"Mom! Mom... w-wake up... d-don't leave me alone..." she chokes out as she hugs her mom tightly, shaking her back and forth whilst wailing loudly.

She picks her phone and dial her sister, who picks up after the third rings.

"H-hello? Y/N-ah..." Her sister sounds like she's been crying. But she didn't notice that as she told her what happened. Her sister sounds shock as she instantly hang up after telling she's going home as soon as she can.

Her sister arrives not long after. Her face is filled with bruises. "U-unnie... w-what's wring with y-your face?" Y/N stutter out.

But her sister ignores her and went straight to their mom, then start crying loudly.

Y/N chokes a sob and hug her sister as well as her lifeless mom.

After The Funeral

S/N told her what happened. How her boyfriend have harrashed her and beat her up. Y/N got so angry and instantly calls the police.

Ever since that day. Y/N's sister have never been the same way anymore. She starts laughing with no reasons and start to talk to herself, which later on starts screaming. Seeing her sister's condition, Y/N have no choice but to take her sister to the mental hospital.

After everything that happens to her. She turns into a cold girl. After her mother funeral, she went to her mother room to clean everything up... which leads her to find a piece of leter of her mother's eulogy.

Dear Y/N... my sweetest daughter

I'm sorry that it had to end like this... I just can't get over of the fact that your father have betrayed us and left with that woman... I just want to set myself free from all the pain...


P.S don't trust guy so much... I don't want you to end up like me...

After reading the letter. Y/N just sit in her mother's bed, crying her eyes out.

From that moment on out... she became cold.... yet popular for her beauty.... with make her known as....

The Cold Popular Girl

*to be continued*

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