New Years Eve

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New Years Eve

Shinra felt guilty leaving the two of them to their own devices, but he couldn't carry them both home. A flea and a monster. No way could he do that.

So he palmed the both of them to each other. Good thing he did.

It was New Years Eve, and drinks were passed around. Shizuo was tipsy when Izaya showed up, drunk when Izaya joined the group.

They never bothered fighting, and Shinra and Celty had to tear the two apart when they took off their shirts. This wouldn't have been a problem but they were both piss drunk, and hands weren't exactly staying put, if you know what I mean...

Towards the end of the night, they were hanging all over each other, flirting like big gays (which they both were). Coats and shirts discarded to one side, and kisses almost caught had it not been for Shinra.

"Shrina," Shizuo said, yanking Izaya closer. "You big cockblocker."

Izaya laughed over the loud music. Music so loud you had to yell to be heard. So loud you could feel its vibrations in your chest.

Shizuo grinned at Izaya and very nearly caught another kiss. Celty saw it coming and tossed water at Shizuo, making him jump back and Izaya laugh so hard he lay down in Shizuo's lap to catch his breath.

Celty left early so she wouldn't be tempted to take her helmet off. Shinra had to shove the two lovebirds in the right direction and could only pray they wouldn't get hit by a car.

Shizuo and Izaya leaned against each other, giggling and laughing at nothing in particular, walking down the streets of Ikebukuro. "Shizu-chan~" Izaya giggled. "Did it hurt when you fell from the vending machine? Cause you look like a snack~"

"That is *hic* the worst *hic* pick-up line ever *hic* made," Shizuo said between giggles. "What do *hic* Rubik's Cubes and *hic* dicks have in common?

"They're hard?" Izaya giggled.

"Nope *hic*."




"*hic* Nope."

"I give up," Izaya said, collapsing against Shizuo.

Shizuo laughed before saying it. "The more you *hic* play with them, *hic* the harder *hic* they get."

Izaya began laughing and couldn't stop. Shizuo laughed as well and before they knew it they were both at Shizuo's apartment. "You can stay the night *hic* with me, flea *hic*," Shizuo said, unlocking the door.

"Is that an invitation?" Izaya said, whilst laughing.

Shizuo pushed him gently onto a bed, as the raven shrugged off his coat. "Shizu-chan~"

"Izaya~" Shizuo replied, flopping beside him. "You're so cute right now."

Izaya stuck his tongue out. True, he looked adorable wearing a head band with pom-poms on the top that said 'New Year'.

"Shizu-chan~" Izaya cooed. "Wanna fuck?"

Shizuo laughed and fell on top of Izaya, pulling him up so the raven was straddling him. Izaya laughed along, not protesting against the hand traveling up his back.

He tugged at Shizuo's shirt, forcing it over his head. "God you're not going to be able to walk tomorrow," Shizuo said.

Izaya knew that was a promise.

Laughter became giggles as Shizuo pulled Izaya's trousers down. "You're big," Shizuo commented, which made them both howl.

Izaya pulled his shirt up to his mouth and held it up with his teeth, winking cheekily at Shizuo. Shizuo chuckled and rolled a nipple softly.

Shizuo pulled it away, and Izaya yanked away trousers.

Shizuo was hard. Way too hard. He needed Izaya and he needed him now. "I'm sorry," he said, yanking Izaya close. "I can't hold back."

Izaya giggled and then gasped as Shizuo entered him. "You're so tight," Shizuo said. "I'm going to make you cum so many times."

Izaya purred in anticipation and Shizuo, Izaya still straddling him, began thrusting upwards.

Izaya, unsure whether to laugh or to moan, fixated on a mix of the two, a laughing moan, thrusting down to make Shizuo feel good.

Shizuo grinned and leaned over, biting and kissing Izaya's neck and collarbone. He continued thrusting and Izaya's laugh-moan turned in to total moans, sounding as if they were being dragged from his throat.

The two were getting closer to the climax and both were so overwhelmed with the pleasure they thrust as hard as they could, moaning and gasping.

Shizuo reached Izaya's leaking dick and began to pump it, going hard. "Cum for me, Izaya," he whispered.

Izaya moaned and thrust down hard, hitting the sweet spot just below his prostate. He came, and the sight of Izaya coming made Shizuo cum.

It was then that Shizuo realised they hadn't kissed that entire time. He grasped Izaya's cheeks and kissed him.

And he kissed back.

They ended up doing it until dawn, orgasms rolling into one, so many times that they couldn't tell where one started and the other ended. They lost track of time, even forgot their own names. All that mattered was the other man they were fucking or being fucked by.


Shizuo woke with a pounding headache. He said to the too-bright morning light, "What time is it?"

"It is 2:30PM," his computer voice, Alexa, said.

Shizuo sighed and finally noticed the warmth beside him that he was spooning. Probably some dude he picked up last night. He began to doze off to try and get rid of the headache forming in his temples, when he heard a groan.

"My head..." the voice said.

"Izaya?" Shizuo said.

Izaya turned and yelped. "Shizuo!" he shrieked. "Get out of me!"

Shizuo finally noticed he was still inside of Izaya. "Uh-"

"Did we...sleep together?" Izaya asked.

"I think so," Shizuo said sarcastically. They trailed off into awkward silence.

"Now what?" Izaya asked.

Shizuo lifted Izaya's leg, revealing his member. "Well..."

Izaya went to grab a knife but, realising his shorts were on the other side of the room, slapped Shizuo's hand away. "Don't you dare," he snapped.

"What?" Shizuo asked, coming closer. He dodged Izaya's slap to pin his hands above his head. With his free hand, he put it on his hip.

Izaya blushed. "Fine," he said. "One time, Shizu-chan~"

Their lips locked passionatly for the second time that day.

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