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{ Calum Hood POV }

Another morning with a empty house. I thought to myself as I was waking up.

I'm tired of feeling lonely even when I have Morgan but to be honest it feels like she is only with me for sex.

Me: Good Morning Sunshine

Water: it is 9am why the fuck are you up.

Me: 2 reasons I'm horny and I like talking to you :)

Water: lmfao why do you like talking to me we barely talk we mainly see each other naked

Me: cause you knock me right off of my feet baby

Water: okay Michael Jackson

Me: heehee

Water: lmfao chill fam

Me: sounding like a thug

Water: blame twitter

Me: so what are you wearing ;)

Water: -new picture message-

Me: maybe you should take those off babe ;)

Water: you have to take some clothes off too

Me: okay let's play a game when we get a question wrong you have to take a piece of clothing off

Water: sounds fair

Water: what's my favorite show?

Me: how to get away with murder

Water: yes

Me: how big is my dick

Water: 6in

Me: funny but no 8 1/2 ;)

Water: -new picture message-

Me: your boobs are looking very good today ;)

Water: what is my favorite food

Me: pizza

Water: burritos

Me: -new picture message-

Water: do you just sleep in boxers??

Me: yes and yeah I'm really hard

Water: that picture really turned me on

Me: the next question you get wrong take your panties off okay babe?

Water: anything for you papi

Me: now that was really a turn on imma change your contact I.D to mami

Mami: -new picture message-

Me: daaammn mami I'm coming over

Me: are you home alone?

Mami: yes

I put on some clothes and got my shoes on so I could go over Aqua's house.

{ Aqua POV }

Me: Leah can you come over and bring me food.

Beyonce: how does Panda Express sound?

Me: good

Me: thanks bae

The door bell ranged and ran down stairs to open it.

"Hey le...Calum." I said noticing that it wasn't my food delivery.

"Hey babe." He kissed my cheek.

"What are you doing here. I thought you were coming later?" I asked.

"I just couldn't wait." He said taking my hand and bringing me into my room.

He suddenly kissed me, hard.
I ran my fingers through his soft hair, pulling him closer into me. I lit up with passion as the kiss grew deeper, moaning into each others mouth.

Our kiss broke momentarily as I fiddled with the zipper of Calum's pants. Eventually succeeding and discarding his pants and boxers.

I ran my hands along his well defined abs.

Before I knew it Calum was stripping me naked, throwing my clothes on the floor.

He pressed his full body weight on to me, his lips connecting with the soft spots on my neck.

I moaned loud, grabbing on to the sheets on my bed. There was no denying how much I wanted Calum right now. I wanted Calum to touch every inch of my body.

Calum all of a sudden reconnected his lips with mines. Calum held my face as our tongues connected. He sat me up wrapping my legs around his waist. Grinding our hips together.

"I need you baby against my lips." Calum whispered.

Calum laid me down on the bed. He smiled at me, making my heart flutter. Calum began to kiss my outer thighs, slowly making his way to my inner thigh.

"Stop teasing Calum." I said." I need you so bad."

Calum reached for his pants to get a condom out. He looked at me and smiled as he was putting it on.

Then, suddenly my doorbell ranged making me and Calum jump.

"I'm coming!" I yelled.

Calum raced around the room looking for his clothes. I grabbed my clothes and messily put them on.

"Go out the back door." I said as we ran down the stairs.

I waited for Calum to leave before I opened the door.

"Hurry the fuck up bitch." Joey yelled through the door.

Once Calum left I opened the door. My heart was racing so fast.

"You look like shit. Why are you breathing so fast?" Joey asked staring at me up and down.

"No reason. Come in." I said trying to change the subject.

Leah and Joey came in and made theirselves at home, like always.

FuckBudday: why did someone have to interrupt I was having so much fun.

Me: me too :(

FuckBudday: so what am I supposed to do about my boner

Me: watch porn, but I have to go bye.

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