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"my dad. He was always working he moved me a few tomes he raised me alone."

I looked at the door when it swung opened. I saw justin walled in i gasp and glanced at joe. He smile and nodded at me. I jnderstood he had figured out what number was justins and planned for him to come.

"im sorry for uh anyone i pushed away recently. have a song for him it's by Miley Cyrus. The butterfly.

you tucked me in turn out the light kept me safe and sound at night little girls depend on things like that" tears w ere rolling down my face and I gasp but continued singing

"brushed my teeth and combed my hair had to drive me everywhere you were always there when I looked back."

I looked up and glanced around my eyes met with joes and I started to cry again.

My mind drifted of to what happened earlier

"hey you ok?" joe asked coming into my room.

"no," I said.

"het sweetie,"

"Joe just, just go"

"are you positive?"

"just GO" I turned away and walked into the bathroom slamming the door.

"massie, MASSIE" I heard Joe sayying my name.

"is she ok?" i heard Justin say.

"yea i i think so. Actually no i dont think she is." I couldn't move. I was frozen tears where streamig down my face. I fell onto my knees. I felt someone come beside me and pull me back up.

"hey, hey massie, u ok? No that's a dumb question come on finish the song. Mass." I glanced up at Justin And took his hand.

"you had to do it all alone, make a living make a home must have been as hard as it culd be. And when I couldn't sleep at night scared things woundt turn out right u would hold my hand and sing to me. Catipiller in the tree how u wonder who urll be can't go far but toucan Lways dream. Wish u may and wish u might don't u worry hold on tight I promise u there will come a day butterfly fly away." Justin sang with me and frankly I was glad I diddnt think I'd e able to do it other wise.

Joe smiled at me and I sank to my knees. Justin picked me up and sat me down next to Joe. I rested my head on his shoulder as Joe held my hand.

when it ended I was carried to the car and brought home. Justin had to go to a photo shoot but Joe stayed with me the whole night. When I woke up I was blinded by bright lights and heard a beeping. I glanced around and saw Joe sleeping next to me.

"Joe?" said. He started and looked up.

"hey your up" I gave him a questioning look "you became really hot last night so I took your temerature. I called the ambulance you had a fever of 104. And I'm going to take you out to your house and help pack up your stuff as soon as your ok." I nodded I couldn't speak o was in shock.

"hey I see she's up" said Justin walking in. "you" he said pointing at me "scared me half to death when I got that call. And as soon as your better I'm getting you guys first class tickets back to pack up. And if it's ok with you I'm coming with you.

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