🍼Chapter one🍼- The news

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Below is what Tj looks like

Below is what Tj looks like 👇👇👇

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( Come on you know hes hot lol)


Third pov:
From the tender age of 9 Harry's mom had told him he can bare children and have kids of his own. Harry was happy because then he could give the person he loved a child of their own. As he got older his mom always told him to make sure he used protection. He would roll his eyes  at his mum and just laugh.

But by the time Harry got to college he started having sex so he always made sure to use protection. He would have one night stands and his best friend would always tease him about it.

Third year of college that all changed when Harry met T.J. Wilkins, a law student. That had black feathery hair, blue eyes and stood at 6ft 2. Harry was in love from the start. They immediately started dating after three dates and Harry introduced Tj to Louis after dating for a few weeks. Louis was jealous and t.j didn't like how touchy feely him and Louis were but Harry reassured Tj there was nothing to worry about.

Two months after dating Tj and Harry slept together, Harry letting him know he was a carrier so they had to use protection so from then on they did and Harry would brag that there sex life was amazing and nothing would stop them from having each other but boy was he wrong.

Fast forward three years later Harry was sitting in a doctor's office twiddling his thumbs nervously. He had been feeling ill for the past two weeks so he took pregnancy test after pregnancy test and they were all positive.

So here he was waiting to be called.

"Styles," the nurse calls.

Harry gets up and follows the nurse back to a room.

"Hi, Harry what brings you in today?" she asked getting his chart out.

"Well I have been feeling ill for the past few weeks, so I took a few tests and they were positive," he explained.

"Okay well I'm going to get your blood pressure and have you pee into this cup, after the Dr gets your results she'll be in afterwards,"

"Okay how long does that take?"

"About 15-20 minutes," she replied putting the cuff on.

She takes his blood pressure and writes it down. "Your blood pressure is up a bit, but it could be from you being nervous,"

Harry nods and takes the cup from her, he does his business and washes his hands. He gives the cup to the nurse and she leaves.

While he was waiting he receives a a text from Tj. He smiled.

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