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Jungkook drove Dahyun home. Dahyun got out of the car without saying anything.

"Dahyun." He called and also went out of the car.

"Let's just forget about what happened tonight."


"I want to rest. Good night." Dahyun closed the door of the car and entered Jin's apartment.

"Dahyun." Jin is there, with Suho.


"I told him to go away but he doesn't really listen. Dahyun, let's talk." She felt her phone vibrated from her pocket.

"Wait." She looked Jungyeon's message.

"Tomorrow, we're revealing the truth. Go to JYP early in the morning."
-Yoo Jeongyeonie eonni

"You'll find the answer tomorrow, oppa. I'm tired." Dahyun excused, Jin stopped her. "I'll talk to you tomorrow, please." Dahyun removed his hand from her hand and went to her room.


★BREAKING: JYP released statement regarding TWICE Dahyun leaving the group.

"This is JYP. Rumors had spread that Dahyun will be leaving TWICE, we all know that she's been through a lot this past few months and days but I am clearing to all that TWICE will remain as nine, the news yesterday was fake. We tracked the person who posted from a suspicious account about the fake news and we are confirming if this is connected to the culprit that was catched months ago. I am apologizing for this matter."

"And it is a good news that Dahyun will not be leaving TWICE!"

"Gosh!" Jin took a deep breath hearing the news. "Dahyun!" He knocked on her door but no one's answering, he opened it and she's not inside. He received a call from JYP.


Jin came to the police station, they already caught the one who started threatening Dahyun. He saw Dahyun crying.


"Oppa." Jin approached her.

"Wh-who?" He looked at the woman sitting in front of the police. "S-Somi?"

"Yeah, I did. I did everything, I started all this."

"You're ruining your life! You started a new career with a new entertainment but you did this to her???" Nayeon asked her.

"It's not easy to move on." Somi shook her head. "After everything, I tried. I just tried, I never said me and Dahyun are okay. She dated Jungkook, yeah they're through, but it will never change the fact that Jungkook broke up with me because of her! I just can't!"

"I'm sorry." Dahyun said.

"No! No, don't say sorry to her! She almost killed you!" Jungyeon said, the police took Somi to her place.

Jungkook and Jimin came late to the police station, he saw Dahyun and Jin going out.

"Hyung." Jimin approached them.

"We're going home to the house." Jin said.

"Everything, okay?" Jimin asked.

"Yeah." Dahyun answered. "Oppa, just don't let anyone know that Somi did this."

"Why not? She almost killed you."

"Oppa, stop. Let's just settle everything about her, I'll talk to her. Let's just say that the culprit is just somebody, not her. I don't want to ruin her."

"Are you nuts??? How can you be this kind to her!" Jin raised his voice.

"Just please, just this." Dahyun sighed. "I don't want to be on the news tomorrow again, I am so tired. I just want to end everything. I'll be staying at the dorm, I'm sorry." Dahyun excused herself and hailed a taxi.


Jungkook already knew everything, he went inside the police station. Somi faced him.

"How you doin' ex?" Somi asked him.

"You tried to kill Dahyun."

"Yeah, I did. Why did you meddle? You almost died, sweety."

"I just did what's right. Stop everything, Somi."

"I am stopping, I am very happy that the both of you ended your relationship with each other."

"But now that you're here, don't ever try to hurt her again."

"Oh, why? What would you do?"

"Protect her from you and everyone."

"You can do that? Or just for yourself?"

"You're insane." Jungkook shook his head.

"Why did you courted me in the first place? Why did you dated me? And hurt me like this! You cheated on me!"

"I did not, we were through when I dated Dahyun, and she's not like you. She's different from you."

"That's what a common guy would say! Different, different, of course nobody's the same! I am not an idiot, Jungkook!" Somi tapped the table loud.

"Miss Douma, your dad is here."

"I'm leaving." Jungkook stood up.

"You're afraid to face my dad? Because you're the reason why I'm here!" Jungkook didn't mind her and left the room, he saw Mr. Douma and finally left the police station.

Jungkook was on his way home when he walked near Jin's restaurant. He saw Dahyun from the window smiling.

"Dahyun." He's about to go in when she saw Jimin inside in front of her. Jimin turned around.

"JK? Ah wait, Dahyun." Jimin went to chase Jungkook. "Jungkook!" Jungkook stopped and turned to him.

"Oh, hey. Hyung, oh. I didn't know I walked here, I'm on my way home."

"Oh, sorry I didn't give you a ride because Jin hyung brought us here. Do you want to join us for dinner? We're going to eat Tofu. You came inside the police station, right?"


"What?! Somi got out of jail???" Jin left the house, Moonbyul followed him. They went to Black Label Entertainment but her dad was the one who faced them. "Mr. Douma, you don't know what your daughter did to my sister, and I am not going to let that slide. My sister treated her as a friend and this is what she's doing???"

"I am disciplining my daughter, Mr. Kim."

"You are? You taught her how to kill someone?"

"No I did not, I don't like the way you talk. Dahyun gave her a chance to change, please leave my daughter alone before this gets to the media and her image will be ruined!"


"Yes, did she not told you? She settled everything."

"No she did, but I didn't agree to her. I am not letting this slide, I am talking to Somi."

"No you can't."

"Enough! Oppa." Dahyun came.



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