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•{ Tori's POV }•

The after effects of everything hit when we reached the mansion. Michael and Alex walked me upstairs on each side and almost pushed away Angelina, Elena, Greta, and Vera from touching me. Then they walked me to my room and stood outside the door and let me go in by myself. I didn't bother locking the door knowing that Michael and Alex wouldn't let anyone in.

I turned on the shower to warm water then I started taking off my clothes I looked at myself in the mirror and I could tell I lost a few pounds and a broken rib but everything else was just bruised and there is a cut on my face and dark circles under my eyes.

I recognized this girl the only difference is now I'm proud of myself. I respect myself.
I love myself.

I get in the warm shower and has I'm washing my body seeing the dried blood and dirt wash off I sink to the bottom of the shower and cry.
I allow myself to break down.

I sit there crying till the water turn cold then I get out and wrap a towel around myself.
Then I brush my hair crying looking at myself in the mirror taking this moment to feel actual pity for myself and everything I've been threw.

I find some black jogging pants and an olive long sleeve top and I lay down on my bed and cry some more knowing I can't stop myself until I get it all out.

I hear yelling from downstairs and it sounds like Luca and then I hear heavy running footsteps coming up the stairs.

I have a feeling it's Luca but I stay where I am not being able to stop myself from crying.

I don't want him to see me like this.

I didn't think he would till I hear Luca talking to Michael and Alex outside the door.

I hear the door open and I look to see Luca.
He looks worried and relived at the same time.
Luca shuts the door behind him with Michael and Alex still standing outside of it.

"Is this a bad time to give you a hard time for running out after our night together?" Luca asks with a sad smile trying to crack a joke and even threw my tears and everything I smile without even realizing it.

I continue to cry not being able to stop myself.
Luca looks at me and looks as if he's in pain.

"Can I hold you? Please baby." Luca almost begs looking as if he's about to cry seeing me like this I am hesitant but nod threw my tears.

Luca lays behind me and is basically spooning me. He has his arms wrapping around me holding my arms and his legs behind mine.
Every part of his body is touching mine.

The last time I was like this I couldn't let anyone touch me....and yet here I am.


After an hour of crying in Lucas arms I finally stopped and I promised I thought he cried a few tears himself.

Luca got me food and drink and ate with me even though I knew neither of us wanted to eat but I was basically starving and Luca looked as if he was forcing himself to eat just so I would.

Then after that he ran me a warm bath with candles where I felt relaxed then he asked if it was okay if he joined I nodded not really wanting him to leave just not being ready to talk yet.

He gets in the bath and holds me making me feel safe and at home. I feel myself relax completely. Soon we got out of the bath and I got dressed for bed then he got Alex to bring him clothes and he ends up sleeping with me as if he knows I needed and wanted him too.

Luca seemed to understand my silence and for that I was grateful. It's not that I didn't want to talk but after everything catching up to me it felt as if I couldn't.

Even the strongest have weak moments..

This just happened to be one of mine..

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