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•{ Tori's POV }•

As I get to the first floor I see everyone gathered outside in a big circle almost like a fortress surrounded by dead bodies.

A few Americans and a few Italians sadly and it's all because of me and I'll carry that forever.

At least all of the Russians seem to be dead.

I stop in the doorway knowing in the middle of the circle was something that would wreck me.
So I mentally prepared myself as fast and as much possible as Michael and my father watched me closer. I just nod and they take the cue and continue to walk forward and I put a bomb on the first floor then I walk out and walk towards the circle.

Everyone moves to the different sides as my father and Michael walk to see what is going on then when they see me they seem surprised and spilt even further apart.

I see Alex, Marco, and Lorenzo standing over a kneeled Luca meanwhile Riccardo and Francesco are standing a few feet away by Michael and my father now.

I look closer and stop dead in my tracks as I see that Luca is kneeled over a very bloody and pale looking Diego. I see Diego turn his head and when he does his eyes land on me and I see him send me a painful smile.

Everyone else looks at me all of their emotions seemed to be surprise, shock, and relief and I hear Luca barely say my name but I didn't pay them much attention I kept my attention on a dying Diego.

I make myself walk towards him and I kneel down beside him and hold his other hand.
Diego coughs and grunts painfully and I feel the tears come into my eyes as he squeezes my hand.

"I'm glad I trusted my gut, and trusted you from the start." Diego says to me with a smile and everyone gasps because half of them have never even heard his voice before but Diego continues to talk to me keeping his focus on me.

"Tori, I always knew what my job was on this earth was and it was the mafia. It is my family and I knew I would lay my life down for my family and I have done so happily and proudly.
I don't regret anything and I can't think of a greater honor than dying for the ones I love and respect." Diego says and I give him a nod and sad smile not feeling able to speak

"This feeling you have will go away..." He says and then he continues to say "After all you are the one who made mine go away. I respect you more than anyone on this earth and you are so much stronger than any of this, the fact you are alive proves me right ; and because of that I need you to promise me something."

I give Diego a nod and try and blink back my tears so he'll know I'm willing to make him a promise.

"Stella, I need you to.........." Diego tugs me down and whispers the rest in my ear after he is finished I nod and send him a sad smile.
He squeezes my hand then looks at Luca and all of the guys and says "Take care of her..."

And just like that the one I considered my older brother took his last breath and I felt his grip on my hand loosen...I leaned up and kissed his forehead then I stood up and pressed the button in my pocket so the bombs inside the house would go off and as I watch it all go up in flames I felt a single tear go down my face.

Because after everything Adrian did and years of dealing with fear and my weaknesses and being afraid of the darkness in me and the pain it could cause...it's finally over.

I just lost one of the people I was closest to and my heart feels so heavy, I'm almost having trouble breathing.

I drop the button and turn back and head towards Michael as I see everyone else giving their respects to Diego. I give Michael the same look I gave him all those years ago and he nods and then he says "Alex" in a deep and stern voice. Alex walks towards us knowing what is going and him and Michael walk on each side of me till we reach their SUV.

I get in the back by myself. Alex and Michael get up front and they don't ask questions and just drive me back to the mansion.

All three of us knowing what happens next isn't something I want people to see..

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