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•{ Tori's POV }•

They think they broke me.
They think they own me.

I'm about to show them just what they've done to me...I'm about to show them how dark and dangerous I can be thanks to them.


I hear gunshots and the sounds of some explosives going off meaning it's finally time to give them hell.

I hear men running down here to the basement of wherever it is that we are. I almost want to laugh because they are probably just taking orders not even knowing they are about to die.

They open the metal door and as the idiots they are they left the door wide open. About five men come and in and I pretend to be asleep.
Even though I haven't slept since I've been here but I fake it sometimes to keep up the weak look. I even pretend to cry myself to sleep. Well I do really cry but not because I'm weak but because I'm crying for the possible loss that this moment might cause.

When they try to touch me I take the chains on my arms and break one of their arms and knock them into the wall so hard their head starts to bleed and they land on the ground knocked out. I grab another one choking him using the chains. Then I kick two others back.
One holds up a gun and I just kick it out of his hand. The guy I'm choking finally dies and I then swiftly grab the gun from his belt and shoot the other three men.

I shoot the chains off of me luckily without shooting myself.

I walk down the halls of the basement killing every Russian I see. Which has been up to five making my kill number up to ten for today so far. I finally find their weapons room and I grab a duffle bag full to carry with me.

I set off a bomb in the basement to go off whenever I hit a button. It won't be enough for the place to collapse but it'll shake everything up.

I swiftly walk upstairs and kill ten other men with knives. Making my number twenty.
My goal is to find Adrian and I haven't yet but when I do I can assure you it'll be painful.......for him.

I look to my left and see that Italians and what seems to be Americans are here on a rescue and kill mission. Rescue me and kill everyone else. That's fantastic and makes my plan go a lot smoother.

I would look for everyone that I know and hug them thanking the heavens that I'm alive and that they are in my lives...and I'm grateful but right now my goal is find Adrian torture him get information about the Russian mafia then watch him turn to ashes.

So I continue my trip up the stairs...I reach the second floor which seems to be the last. I look in different rooms killing every Russian I see by shooting them straight in the heart.

Bring my count up to thirty.
Now we're getting somewhere.

I go to the room with the fancier doors and force it open. I see Adrian's new underboss acting as a sniper out the window. So I immediately sneak up behind him and cut his throat. Then I lock the doors behind me and use his sniper gun to start shooting the Russians outside.

I can see Lorenzo, and Riccardo using explosives with a few others that look like Americans.

I see Francesco and Marco shooting Russians with some other Russians and Italians.

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