A/N: This is my first fan fiction so please go easy on me :) I'm not a very good writer but oh well. I'm not very good at spelling as well just to let you know :)

There may be swearing in this. You have been warned and don't think of this to be an influence to you. This is all fake!

Chapter 1

"God, how did you get so fat?"

"Useless piece of crap."

"Why are you even here? No one wants you to be."

"You deserve to be dead."

Welcome to my usual school routine everybody! Bullies calling me names and telling me to kill myself. You don't understand how hard it is to survive in this hell hole for six hours. You're probably wondering who I am. Hi. I'm Lauren Piper and I'm 16 years old. My hair colour is brown, but one day I hope to mix it up a bit. It's just a boring, common colour! Or so I think anyway. My eye colour is a mixture between blue and grey, but when in the sun, they are a very bright, deep blue. I'm not the skinniest but I agree with everyone else when they say I have big curves and thighs. But i'm just average size for a woman. My family say they wished they had a small waist like me, but personally, I don't see it. I've been bullied my whole life. In school and out. I'm in my last year before I transfer to college so I really need to focus to get the best grades I can. However, it's hard to with all the crap going on in my life, especially with school. In class, I sit there concentrating on getting my work done, then a mass of scrap pieces of paper land on my table. I've opened one to many to know the type of comments it's going to contain. At dinner, I sit alone and people from tables around me start throwing food or whatever onto my table or at me and I have to deal with it. Why I'm bullied like this, I'll never know. Some people in this school are just spoiled brats. They have perfect hair, the best accessories; the latest and most expensive phones. Just technology in general. I'm lucky to have what I have in my life, technology wise, and I'm not ungrateful like the rest of them. My phone, a Blackberry, which I despise with all my life. How anyone copes with them I'll never know! I HAD an iPod, until it got water damaged. How, I don't know. It may have been a old version, but it was my life when it came to music. A couple of years ago, I made a Facebook profile. Why I haven't deleted it yet, I don't know. I have no friends on it. Literally, not even one. Twitter follows. I'm such an idiot! I don't know why I even bothered setting them up. I've forgotten about them though now. Why I go to school, why I try to make friends, I don't know. I only get it all thrown back in my face. Maybe the only way to make everyone happy is by fulfilling their wishes: killing myself. It could end a lot for me. Plus, the ways I could get revenge on them if I was dead... The list is endless! Anyway, enough of the horrible, bad thoughts and onto the day that changed my life forever...

*Monday - School Day*

"Hey chubster, want any cream cakes? Shame you've already eaten them all." This is where Courtney comes into the story. Such a sweet and kind person. Note the sarcasm. Courtney, since day one, has made my life hell. Along with her "friends" too. They're not even real friends. Secretly, they're just like me: alone. Hanging around with a popular makes them feel like they belong. But behind closed doors, they're just as alone as I am. Why do the popular people in schools seem to be so horrible? Are they always like this? Or are they just using that to cover who they really are? Them preventing themselves from revealing how weak they actually are behind closed doors perhaps?

"Courtney, please, can you leave me alone for just 5 minutes? Please."

"I didn't say you could talk to me." Her harshness just kept pouring from her body. Like blood from a freshly cut wound.

"Okay then."

"See you at diner, you waste of space." I walked in the opposite direction from them to get away from it all.

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