Chapter Sixty Five

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Normally, I fight waking up.
However, some of us never seem to outgrow that 'innocent little girl who want's to explore the new and exciting things'.
I popped my eye's open, to take in the palest of blue wall's and the wall sized window with a glorious, seemingly never ending view of the ocean.
My sense of smell kicked in next and I inhaled the strange scented bedsheet's at the same time as the comfortingly familiar scent of my Husband.
Smiling to myself, I pulled the sheet and puffy yet lightweight blanket up over my exposed shoulder and snuggled into the warmth of Blayze's body, even though I most definitely was not cold.
It was day one of our honeymoon!
No Babies requiring our attention.
No work to do.
No Farm to run.
Just blissful, relaxing, chill out time with the man I love!
His left arm came over my side and his hand settled over my abdomen.
My lower belly clenched and I mentally scolded my body.
We already got down and dirty twice last night/in the wee hour's of this morning!
Since when am I so lascivious?
Blayze's breath tickled me as he gently brought his face to the crook of my shoulder and neck and placed a light kiss on my skin, causing a delicious little shiver to rocket down my spine.
"Good morning, Husband!"
I whispered, my toes curling.
"Good morning Wifey!"
A firmer, open mouthed kiss caressed my neck and then—
Blayze's weight shifted on the mattress and my back was suddenly cold!
Frowning, I spun around, the sheet and puffy blanket tangling around my limb's.
Standing alongside the bed, stretching his arm's over his head, a dark blue pair of Wrangler boxer brief's were his only article of clothing.
When the heck did he put those on?
I was still starker's under the cover's!
"What are you doing?"
I asked, propping myself up on my left elbow.
His dark green-blue eyes twinkled and his smile widened.
"Now that's gotta be a trick question."
It really wasn't.
We had no responsibilities awaiting us, so why the heck was he bouncing out of this massive bed the moment we opened our eyes?
Blayze tipped his head in the direction of the slightly open ensuite door.
"I found something pretty cool last night. I'm guessing you didn't spot it when you went for your dead of the night tinkle in the dark!"
By the end of his little rant, his grin was huge and his shoulder's were shaking with suppressed laughter.
I was not amused!
Yes, in the middle of the night/morning I'd forgotten about the 'clap to turn the lights on' thing.
In my defence, I'd been about to wet myself.
So I'd gone to the toilet by blundering around in the ensuite, with only the slightest bit of light filtering through the window as my aid.
Blayze, of course, had been giving his ab's a pretty intense workout by the time I'd crawled back into the bed and confirmed his suspicion about the noises he'd been hearing.
"Are you ever going to let me live that down?!"
I demanded, clutching the sheet to my chest.
His lip's tipped up at the left corner of his mouth, his expression shifting into an all too amused smirk.
"It's too soon to tell."
While a large part of me wanted to punish him, this was our Honeymoon.
With three Kid's at home, we'd probably never get such luxurious alone time again in our lives.
"Get back in this bed, or yesterday and last night will be the only sex of this vacation."
I declared.
Blayze blinked.
Then, he stared at me, gaze calculating.
I'd be an idiot to even think I stood a chance at deceiving him.
He's world class at reading the subtle sign's, hence his success with Horses and other Stock.
But, I want him back in this bed!
I was far from ready to get motivated and face the day just yet.
I watched Blayze watching me, observing him for the tell's I'd learned over the last twelve year's.
A small twitch on the outside corner of his right eye.
The shifting of his weight to his left side.
Tongue just barely poking out to touch his bottom lip...
My heart leapt for joy!
And I tried extremely hard to not let my expression show my excitement.
I, Bailey Grace Har- Riley, finally succeeded at making Blayze second guess me!
A frown took over his perplexed expression and he folded his arms across his lickable chest.
"I don't like this."
I wanted to grin, nice and wide!
But, I mentally pictured the peaceful scene of cantering across the open paddock's on Phoenix and managed to keep my expression cool — I think.
Blayze was still frowning, so I was pretty sure I'd succeeded!
"Don't like what?"
I asked, gently batting my eyelashes and trying really hard not to smile.
"You're loving this!"
He exclaimed, eyes widening.
Trying super hard not to laugh, I pulled the sheet up over my mouth.
Blayze took a step backward's, shaking his head.
"I don't like this."
He repeated.
My amusement fled, like torrential water down a storm drain.
Tucking the sheet around my chest and under my armpit's, I sat up in the bed.
"Are you okay?"
I asked, searching his face.
He retorted.
"For the past twelve year's, you've all but been an open god damn book! And just now..."
He shook his head.
Now, I grinned and rolled my eyes.
"It's about damn time I managed to for once get my feeling's by you!"
"I don't like it."
Once again, he shook his head.
Yeah, I get that, you've said so three times now!
I rolled my eyes.
"You'll get over it."
"Will I?"
For the second time in mere moment's, my amusement swooshed out of me, like snow falling down a mountainside in an avalanche.
Blayze can and does joke around.
But, his expression and his tone both indicated that he was serious.
"Blayyyyyyze... it was a harmless bit of fun."
I crooned.
"Yeah. But we just got Married and now I have to live with the knowledge that you can actually keep shit from me?"
He retorted, stone faced.
This took a rapid downhill slide...
"Blayze... come back to bed."
I all but whispered.
He frowned.
Oh for god sake!
"You know me!"
I threw my hand's into the air.
"You seriously think that the fact I kinda had you second guessing how serious I was, for the first time in twelve year's, mean's that I'm suddenly gonna turn into the bitchy villain that lie's to you?! All I did was suggest that maybe the sex was over for the remainder of the Honeymoon, if you didn't do what I wanted you to. But we both fucking know that won't stand, don't we!"
By the end of my rant, Blayze's grin was wide and his gaze was not fixed on my face.
Although it had been a very long time since I'd felt self conscious about being nude in front of this man, in this moment, my entire face blazed with heat.
Looking down, I scrambled to pull the sheet up to cover my chest.
Face still too warm, I slowly lifted my gaze to find Blayze gesturing toward's the ensuite door.
I blinked.
He wasn't pouncing onto the bed and tearing the sheet off me?
He rolled his eyes.
"Get that damn sulky look off your face."
"Now you choose to read me right?!"
I demanded.
His eye's were sparkling like little twinkling fairy lights!
"It's not hard when you're so damn obvious about your feeling's!"
Clenching my jaw, I wrapped my arm's around my rib's.
Damn Cowboy, getting all put out over not being able to read me, then acting all smug when two second's later he's got the skill back!
Blayze raised one brow, expression challenging.
"Get your sexy little body outta that bed, or I'll drag you out, butt naked or otherwise."
The thing was, I knew it was no idle threat.
But, we were here alone, so it wouldn't matter if he dragged me around starker's.
I lifted my chin stubbornly.
"Get back in the bed and maybe you can show my sexy little body how much you appreciate it."
I countered.
Blayze narrowed his eyes at me.
Before sex, Blayze would hand's down be the winner of our bargain's against each other.
But, thanks to sex and some tip's from Noah, I was steadily making point's on the score board these days!
Slowly, I began to lower the sheet, letting it down maybe a millimetre at a time.
Blayze clenched his jaw.
I tried really hard to keep my smile at bay.
My nipples felt the air and I all but held my breath.
Blayze clenched his fist's.
One by one, I let my finger's release the sheet.
It pooled in my lap and I watched Blayze's expression shift into a pained grimace.
Nibbling gently on my bottom lip, I kept my gaze locked on his face, lifted my right hand slowly to my right breast and used one finger to circle around the nipple.
Blayze visibly swallowed.
Heart skipping a beat, I gently gripped the strained peak between my thumb and forefinger.
My Husband was suddenly a Ninja!
One moment he was stubbornly trying to hold his ground and the next, he'd jumped onto the bed, landed almost on top of me on his knee's and pulled my hand away from my breast.
I squealed in a mixture of amusement and surprise when he pushed me onto my back.
"No more doing my job!"
He whispered between clenched teeth, before swooping down and taking my nipple and practically half my breast into his mouth!
Heat shot through my entire body.
On a needy groan, I tangled my finger's into his silky hair.

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