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I walk out of Tyler's room wearing only his shirt and my bra and panties. We had another fight, and as usual, he wanted makeup sex. I walk into the kitchen and am surprised to see Mr. Kingsley sitting at the table, looking exhausted. His hair is sexily messed up and he's shirtless with only pajama pants on. He looks up at me and appears to be shocked to see me.

"Um... Mr. Kingsley. I didn't know you were still up..." I trail off, trying to hide myself as much as possible in the little clothing I'm wearing.

"Couldn't sleep. And please, call me Jace." He mutters and I suddenly feel embarrassed. He probably heard our fighting, luckily he couldn't have heard our makeup sex since Ty's room is on the second floor and his dads is on the first.

"I'm sorry..." I whisper, looking down. Tyler called me to pick him up from a bar, cause he was drunk off his ass, and he started a fight. Luckily the red mark on my cheek has gone away from when he slapped me earlier.

"Don't apologize, sweetheart. My son is an asshole." He says and I look up at him, shocked, trying not to swoon from him calling me sweetheart.

"No... I..." I trail off, ready to defend Ty, and he stands up, walking over to me.

"I heard everything. You didn't do anything wrong." He tells me, then leans in and whispers into my ear, "You would look sexier in my shirt, by the way."

And with that, he walks out of the room, leaving me stunned. My heart is racing in my chest, and I have to lean against the counter, to regain my composure. I've always found Mr. Kingsley to be extremely attractive, but obviously I could never do anything about it. Especially since he's my boss now too.

I can't believe he said that though. And what he said yesterday morning, in this exact room. I'm dating his son. But, it definitely made me feel something. Something I've never felt with Tyler.

I suddenly feel the need to explore this attraction, risking a lot since he is my boss, and my boyfriends dad. I walk out of the kitchen, and down the hall to where Mr. Kingsley's room is. Courage suddenly floods my veins, and I push the already cracked door open, to see him sitting on the edge of his bed, running a hand through his already messy hair.

"Lana?" He questions, looking up at me. I walk towards him, slowly unbuttoning the shirt I'm wearing, and push it off of me. It drops to the floor, and it's his turn to be stunned. "What are you doing?"

His voice is raspy, making me bite my lip. "You said I'd look better in your shirt. Thought I'd give it a try." I tell him, grabbing his shirt that's discarded by his bed. I pull it on, leaving it unbuttoned, and strut towards him slowly. "How do I look?"

"You look..." he gulps, looking me up and down. "Fuck, Lana. Come here." I walk over to him, and he pulls me onto his lap, so I'm straddling him. I feel his excitement between my legs, and I have to bite my lip, to stop the moan threatening to leave my lips.

"I'm here, now what?" I whisper seductively. He pulls me closer to him, and tilts my head to the side gently. His lips land on my neck, and he starts to leave hot, open mouth kisses down my neck, towards my breasts. I let out a moan, feeling the need to undress him grow.

"You're so fucking gorgeous. I want to take you on my bed, right now." He tells me, making me moan loudly at his dirty talk.

"Take me, Jace." I moan, as he leaves a hickey on my right breast. He stands up, and lays me down on his bed, continuing his assault on my neck.

"I... I can't... You're dating my son, and I'm your boss." He says with a sigh, climbing off of me. I let out a humorless laugh, and stand up, pulling Ty's shirt back on, leaving it unbuttoned.

"You guys really know how to make a girl feel unwanted." I snap, and walk out of the room, leaving Jace sitting in the same position he was when I walked in.

I walk into the bathroom downstairs, needing release from the sexual tension and failure. I run the tub, and slip off the shirt, bra, and underwear I'm wearing, and slide into the tub. Grabbing the removable shower head, I lower it and my fingers to my core.

****Jace's POV****

I walk out of my room, needing a cold glass of water, and walk past the downstairs bathroom. I hear sexy moans coming from inside, and instantly know it's Lana. Fuck. I did that to her.

"Oh, Jace." She moans loudly, and I instantly become hard. I pull my length from my boxers, and start to work myself as I listen to Lana getting off, moaning my name.

"Oh, fuck. Jace!" She screams in pleasure, and I know she's coming undone in my tub. I come in my hand quickly after, and hurry back to my room to clean up.

There's nothing more that I would love to do than fuck her senseless. But I can't. She's dating my son and she's my personal assistant. It's completely wrong. The first time I met Lana, her wearing a tight little black dress, I instantly got hard. It's sick. I'm attracted to my twenty year old sons girlfriend. I may only be sixteen years older than them, but it's enough of an age gap. I literally am old enough to be her dad.

Nothing can happen. I won't let it.


Ana De Armas as Lana Davis

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Ana De Armas as Lana Davis

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