Chapter Two

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Nyx dodged the ax Wednesday had thrown at her. Their mother and father, Morticia and Gomez Addams, was watching from the rooftop. Pugsley was with Uncle Fester, building a bomb to set off somewhere in the woods. Grandmama was somewhere in town, probably tormenting someone, the lucky son-of-a-gun.

"Is that the best you could do?!" Nyx shouted.

Wednesday growled. It wasn't often that she could 'train' with her sister. (Her sister was always in a boarding school. Then blowing it up. The lucky bastard.) The government wanted Nyux to go to a normal school, away from the Addams. Of course Mother and Father had argued, saying that their terrible daughter should stay home with them. They lost.

Nyx had just returned home after being expelled from another school. Morticia and Gomez were proud of her. Wednesday or Pugsley didn't mind the attention that Nyx had got from their family. She was rarely there after all. Besides, they had their fair share of chaos. Stealing stop signs from roads, (Pugsley) and trying to kill people that annoyed her (Wednesday).

"No." Wednesday finally said before grabbing another ax and continued to chase her sister into the Addams Graveyard.

Gomez and Morticia watched from the rooftop. It was a terrible place to hang around. The two stayed silent.

"Nyx has gotten an invitation to Yancy Academy." Morticia finally said,"Boring place. Not good enough for our Nyx."

Gomez looked thoughtful," You know what the damn government said! We have no choice but to send her there or she will be taken away."

"You and I both know they have no right or authority to take away a child. We are not abusing or neglecting her." Morticia said, looking dreadful.

The funny thing is, the 'government' didn't even mention Wednesday or Pugsley. The Addams were suspicious, of course, but agreed to let them send Nyx off to a boarding school. It gave Nyx a chance to torture students and cause chaos. After being expelled for the first time, Grandmama threw a party for their chaotic daughter.

Yes, the Addams were very proud of their adopted daughter.

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