Part 5

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(Y/N)'s P.O.V.

I woke up in Finnick's strong arms in cold sweat. I started to silently cry. I don't want to go back into the game's, but I need to protect Finnick. "Shhh. Why are you crying?" Finnick whispered into my ear. "I'm scared." I whispered. It was so silent, I'm surprised he even heard. "Shhh. I am too. But I will protect you. No matter the costs." Finnick said once again into my ear. "I love you." I said after a long pause. "I love you too." Finnick replied. Just then, someone came into our room. We both looked up to find Haymitch. "Haymitch? What are you doing here?" I asked confused. "Listen. I gotta make this quick." He said and stepped closer to the bed after closing the door. "Katniss said that she likes you a lot (Y/N), and thinks your really good. Finnick, well not so much but, I need you guys too protect her and be her and Peeta's allies." Haymitch basically whispered. "Ok." I stated simply. I wanted Katniss as an ally anyway. "Why?" Finnick asked. "You'll figure it out after the games. Just trust me." Haymitch answered. I nodded my head. I knew Haymitch from being a mentor, I could trust him with this. Finnick was nodding too. "Okay good. I'm sorry that you guys had to come back. You will be fine. Good luck." Haymitch handed Finnick a bracelet before leaving to let Katniss know we were actually her ally's. I laid back down into Finnick's embrace enjoying it for about 10 minutes before our mentor burst through the door. "Get up guys, it's time to eat and then you have to leave." He said. Me and a Finnick nodded and got up. We didn't bother changing into anything since we would be coming back to just leave, but I did remind Finnick to put a shirt on. We went to the dinning room and ate the biggest breakfast we could. We went to our stylist and they got us dressed in our outfit. (The blue jumpsuit that had the purple floating thing.) Me and Finnick then walked out and linked hands to walk to the hovercraft that would take us to the arena. We didn't say a word the whole way there, and once we got there we were instructed to sit in seats next to each other. Once we were leaving, a person came and injected a tracker into each of our left arms. Once we got to the arena, me and Finnick has to separate to go into our underground rooms that would bring us up into the arena. "I'll see you in there." Finnick said before we had to leave each other and grabbed my face and kissed me. Finally, after what felt like forever, we had to pull apart and leave each other. I saw Finnick walk to Haymitch when he left and saw them start talking, but didn't think anything of it. I walked to my room and my stylist was there. "Goodbye (Y/N)." She said and hugged me. I didn't say a word, I just hugged her back. I got in the tube, and it started to slowly go up. My heart picked up the closer I got to the top. My whole body was shaking. When I reached the top, my eyes had to get adjusted to the bright light for a second. Once I could see, I looked at my surroundings. I was on a podium that was in the water, that had a large island in the middle with rocks leading too it that I had to swim to and jump on to run to the island. Or I could just swim all the way, but then I wouldn't be able to see who's above me, and I'm a pretty fast runner. (Also a good swimmer.) The island had weapons on it inside the gold cornucopia. I looked around frantically trying to find Finnick. Maybe even Johanna and we could be allies. Neither were in sight, so I guessed they were on the other side of the island. Two podiums down the right from mine, I saw Katniss. "Ladies and Gentlemen let the 75th hunger games begin!" Claudius's voice boomed. The timer started for the minute countdown. I looked back at the island trying to find and axe and knives. Soon, I spotted axe and about 5 knives right next to a trident. They must have put specific weapons for every tribute. What they specialize in. I knew Johanna would also have another axe then, so I didn't worry about her trying to take that one. I looked back at the clock. 5 seconds. 4 seconds. 3 seconds. 2 seconds. 1 second. The gong sounds. I don't waste a second, and dive straight into the water. I easily get to the strips of land in a matter of time. I start to sprint to the cornucopia. I look back, and Katniss is a bit behind me on the strip next to me. I get to the island and immediately grab the axe and knives. I hold on to the axe and stick the knives in the purple belt thing. I heard someone on the sand and griped my axe in a ready position. I turned around to find Finnick. I smiled at him as he took the trident, he also had a net already in his other hand. I saw Katniss yank out a bow. I nodded for Finnick to follow me to her. "You can swim too," Finnick starts once we get there, "where did you learn that in twelve?" "I have a big bathtub." She answered sarcastically. "You must." Finnick said back with the same amount of sarcasticness. "You like the arena?" I said with a smirk. The water was my territory. Nobody knew it better than me and Finnick. "Not particularly. But you should. They must have built it especially for you guys." She says with a bit of bitterness. Finnick then smiles, "Lucky thing we're allies. Right?" He shows her the gold bracelet. She looks like she's about to shoot him until she realizes the bracelet. "Right!" She said angrily. Guess Haymitch didn't tell her. Usual for him. I notice the man from 5 coming behind Katniss. "Duck." I command her with a strong voice, different from my usual kind one. She obeys, and I throw my axe at his chest. It hit him square at where the heart would be. I walk over and retrieve my axe. "Don't trust one and two." Finnick states. "Split and look around?" Katniss says. We both nod and look around for anything useful. "Anything of use?" I hear Finnick shout. "Weapons!" I yell back. "Nothing but weapons!" Katniss also shouts. "Same here." He shouts "Get what you want and let's go!" I yelled again. I see Katniss shoot two people, then grab some stuff. I grabbed 5 more small knives and a longer knife. I stuck them all in my belt with my others, and met Finnick and Katniss at the front of the pile. I see Brutus coming toward us. "Katniss, do something with him. I'm going to look for Peeta." I said. I left them and spotted him not far away, still on his metal plate. "Katniss, Finnick!" I yelled at them. They both ran over to me. Katniss was about to go get him, but Finnick stoped her. "I'll get him." "I can." She retorted. "Better not exert yourself. Your not in the position." He touched her stomach slightly. He then dropped all his weapons and dove into the water. I immediately held up my axe, covering for Finnick. Katniss soon realized I wasn't about to hit her with my axe, and held up her bow to watch too. I look around and see the career pack forming. They picked their weapons and headed off into the jungle. Once Finnick gets back with Peeta, I help Finnick up while Katniss helps Peeta. I give Finnick a kiss. After we pull away, I hear Peeta say, "looks like we've got allies." He then kissed Katniss. "Yep, at least I wanted (Y/N)." She answered back. I smiled slightly. "Katniss has remarkably good judgement." Finnick says after hearing Katniss's comment. I look over to find Beeetee and Wiress keeping themselves up with the belts. "The belts." I say and look back at them. "What?" Katniss asks. I point to Beetee and Wiress. "There flotation devices." Finnick finally says. I simply nod my head. We head to the jungle, and Peeta takes the lead. Katniss in between, and me and Finnick at the back. Katniss looks back at the island. "How many are dead?" Peeta asks. "Hard to say, at least six I think. And they're still fighting." Katniss answers. "Let's keep moving," I but in, "we need water." "Better find some soon," says Finnick. "We need to be undercover when the others come hunting us tonight." We walk for a bit longer before Katniss yells out Peeta's name. Peeta has already swung his knife though, and I hear a zapping sound. Peeta's flung back, and me and Finnick fall on the ground along with Katniss. Katniss immediately gets up and rushes over to him. "Peeta?" She gives him a little shake, but nothing happens. She presses her ear against his chest as to look for a heart beat. "Peeta! Peeta!" She screams and shakes him harder, even Smacks him. Finnick goes over to them and pushes Katniss off him. "Let's me." He states firmly. "No!" Katniss yells after Finnick started CPR. I run up and put my hand on her chest to stop her from running into Finnick. "Let him." I stated just as firmly as Finnick. She nods and looks back at Finnick breathing into Peeta's mouth. After a while, Peeta coughs a bit, and Finnick sits back into me. A sit down and let him lean into my chest. We watch as Katniss kisses Peeta. "Careful. There's a force field up ahead." Peeta says weakly. They keep talking, and Katniss starts to cry. "How are you," Finnick asks Peeta. "Do you think you can move on?" "No. He has to rest." Katniss says. Her nose is running badly, so I find a chunk of moss and hand it to her. She blows her nose and wipes of tears. She starts to talk to Peeta about something around his neck. "So you want to make camp here then?" I ask after a while of silence. "I don't think that's an option," Peeta answers me. "Staying here. With no water. No protection. I feel all right, really. If we could just go slowly." "Slowly would be better than not at all." Finnick says. Me and Finnick help Peeta to his feet. "I'll take the lead." Katniss says after Peeta's up. Peeta starts to object but I cut him off. "No, let her do it." Katniss nodded at me, grateful for sticking up her her. "You know that the force field was there, didn't you? Right at the last second? You started to give a warning. How did you know?" Finnick asks. "I don't know. It's almost as if I could hear it. Listen." She answers. We all fall silent. "I don't hear anything." Peeta says. They start to talk again, but I'm still trying to listen. Near the end of them talking, it hits me. Katniss can't hear it. I saw her talking to Beetee and Wiress one time during training when I was on one of the stations next to them. They were looking up at something, but I couldn't see anything. They were looking at a force field. Katniss knows how to see it then. "Katniss. You lead." I state. We start to walk slowly with Katniss in the front, then me, then Peeta and Finnick. I turn around, and Finnick has made a staff for Peeta to walk with. After a while, Katniss pulls nuts off a tree so she can throw them at the force field. I study the nuts for a second, then notice that they are edible nuts. I was hungry, so I grab some and throw one into my mouth. Tasted fine to me. I looked back go find Finnick just smirking at me. He knows they are edible. And he knows I like food. Katniss turns around after a while. "(Y/N)! Spit that out! They could be poisonous." Katniss cry's. I just stare her dead in the eye and then throw another into my mouth. Katniss looks at Finnick who laughs. "Calm down, there edible." Finnick says and throws one into his mouth. Me and him start laughing, and we keep walking. We walked for a long time, and soon I looked back to find Peeta sweating badly. "Let's take a break." I say, trying to let Peeta rest. Katniss looks back and realizes Peeta's condition. She nodded and said, "I could get a look from above." I nodded, letting her climb into a tree. I stand next to Finnick who intertwines our hands. "So, you too are together?" Peeta asks us. I guess Katniss never told him. Finnick nodded his head. Just then, Katniss came climbing down. "The force field has us trapped in a circle." "Any water?" I ask. "Only saltwater were we started." Katniss answered. "There must be some source." Peeta says frowning. We ended up deciding to move down the slip a few hundred yards and continue circling. Katniss stays in the front, occasionally chucking a nut to the left. By mid afternoon, Peeta is tired and can go no further. Me and Finnick choose a campsite about ten yards below the forcefield. Then, me and Finnick begin to weave five foot high tufts and begin to weave them into mats from the grass. Peeta collects nuts, and Katniss stands guard. "(Y/N), why don't you stand guard and I'll hunt around some more for water." Katniss says after a while. I get up and watch while Katniss goes off. After a while, Finnnick has created a hut with the grass mats. I also made bowls for the nuts that Peeta has roasted. "No. No water. It's out there though. He new where it was." Katniss she after she gets back, holding up a skinned animal. They talk, and after a while Peeta gets a piece of the rodent and roasted it on the force field. We gather in the hut, me next to Finnick and Katniss on the other side with Peeta. We all eat, while Finnick starts asking about the rodent. We call it a tree rat. After a while, a pale white moon rises. We sit in a line at the mouth of the hut. Finnick intertwined our hands again as we were waiting for the seal of the Capitol to appear. Eight dead victors appear in the sky after the anthem. It's harder than I thought it would be. Finnick notices, and pulls me into his side. Seeing all my mentor friends appear on the sky. At least Johanna never appeared. The sky went black, and we all sat there for a while. A silver parachute soon glided down in front of us. Peeta goes and untied the cord and unfolds it. It's a small metal object that I know of, just can't think of what it does. We pass it around, examining it. "Can you guys fish with it?" Katniss asks me and Finnick. We both shake our head. I study it for a while longer before getting frustrated. "I don't know." I grunt and hand it to Katniss. I close my eyes and rest into Finnick's warm embrace. "A spile!" I almost shouted and grabbed it out of Katniss's hand. "What?" Finnick asks confused. I stand up and go to a tree. "Finnick and Peeta," I say, "use this," I hand Peeta my long knife. "And make a whole in the tree." They look at me confusingly. "Just do it." I state. They took turns opening a hole wide enough to put the spile through. After a while, I told Finnick to stop, and put the spile in the hole. For a bit, nothing happens. Then, as I anticipated, a drop of water rolls down and lands in the grass. I adjusted the spile a bit and got a steady stream coming out. "(Y/N) your a genius!" Finnick said and picked me up to spend me around. We take turns getting water in our mouths. I bring over a basket that's very tightly woven so the water won't fall out. We fill it and then pass it around, taking gulps, then splashing our faces. As we were getting ready for the night, I grabbed out the spile and got a strip of vines to tie it around my belt. Finnick offered to take the first watch, and he got me to agree somehow. I laid down, but put my head in Finnick's lap. Peeta and Katniss lie down beside eachother further into the hut. Finnick starts running his hands through my hair, and I soon fall asleep. Later, I woke up to a sharp bong! Katniss wakes up, but Peeta still sleeps. "I counted twelve." Finnick says after it's over. We wait for something, anything, but nothing happens except a strike of lightning out in the distance. "Go to sleep Finnick. I can take a watch." I say and sit up, letting him then lay in my lap. "I'll watch with you." Katniss says and comes to sit of the other side of me that Finnick's not on. I nod and start absentmindedly playing with Finnick's hair. I grab my axe, and Katniss has her bow loaded down at her side. A canon soon startles me and Katniss, and I quickly looked down to make sure Finnick is still asleep and I didn't wake him. Another one dead. I hope it's not Johanna, I'm not ready for that yet. The rain that I had been hearing suddenly stopped. I thought nothing of it until a small fog started to come our way. It starts to look weird, and the hairs on my neck stand up. Somethings off. A sickeningly sweet odor begins to fill my nose and I shout for Finnick to wake up. Katniss is already shouting at Peeta. Just as I see Finnick's eyes open, I begin to blister.

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