#5 fresh outlooks

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Brad: I'm outside
Savanna: Coming

Throwing on a random hoodie, I quickly jogged downstairs and out my front door seeing Brad parked up in front of my house as he sat in the drivers seat looking at me. As I walked up to his car, I saw the him wind the window down.

"Sup", he nodded looking sketchy as shit with his blacked out sunglasses on.

"Sup", I mocked before I caught sight of the person sitting in the passenger seat. "I didn't even notice you there, what are you doing here?".

"We're going to London", Ruben said. I frowned looking at them both.

"London? What for?", I asked.

"Well Ruben's meeting with the England team and I've been invited down to watch", Brad said as I poured my bottom lip.

"Aw is Brad too little to play with the big boys", I laughed punching his cheek before he swatted my hand away.

"Fuck off, Sav", he laughed as did Ruben. "Oh here, before I forget", reaching into the backseat, he pulled out my headphones, my absolute prized possession which I use to block out the world when it all goes to shit so you can imagine my frustration when I lent them to Brad and he forgot to give them back. You best believe I begged him to drive here to give them e back since a headphone-less 2 hour plane journey would be hell.

"I'm going to stop lending you my shit until you learn to give it back", I said taking the headphones as I leaned up against the car.

"Don't get your knickers in a twist, Sav I've given them back haven't I?", he said.

I scoffed. "After two weeks yeah you finally have, if it weren't for me begging to get them back I would be going on that plane listening to my nagging fucking family the whole way".

"I didn't know you live in Paris", Ruben suddenly said.

I chuckled but before I could say anything, Brad cut in. "Bro when Mbappe is your boyfriend I think you'd live anywhere". I didn't laugh along as they both laughed together. What did that mean? Folding my arms, I tapped my foot on the floor before they caught sight of my unbothered face. "Oh lighten up Sav, I was only joking. I'm actually quite annoyed your going back so soon, you said you were staying longer, what has he said to get you back so quick?".

I suddenly relaxed my shoulders running my hands down my face as I forgot about what they were even mocking me for. "He's invited my family over to Paris for the weekend, for my birthday".

Brad laughed. "Shit".

"Shit indeed", I sighed, the idea of them being in Paris still not settling well with me and I don't know why.

"Speaking of birthday", he said raising his eyebrow smirking slightly as I caught sight of Ruben chuckling at him shaking his head. "When's the big celebration then?".

"I'm not having a big celebration", I shrugged. "I haven't planned anything so I'm guessing it's a quiet one for me this year".

"It's literally your birthday and your not having a party, come on Sav take one for the team and let's go ape, it can be mad fun and you can get me with that pretty blonde on your instagram I always see", he said as I once again explained this birthday would just be me, my family and Kylian. As for him liking Chelsea, hm I do like the sound of that. Don't get me wrong I love a good party but to be honest, my own birthday slipped my head, I had no time to plan anything and now it was kind of a bit too late notice for everyone to drop their weekend plans to attend a party, maybe next year.

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