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Omigosh, it is 12:35 and I am wide awake. About ten minutes ago I heard something in my room and freaked out. I quickly turned on my bedroom lights. Last night my parents heard a mouse in their room and my dad caught one about two hours ago. So I sat in my bed for about five minutes trying to convince myself it was nothing and just a weird sound. Of course life loves to prove me wrong. At that moment I saw the butt and tail of a mouse run behind my night stand. I almost screamed in surprise. I quickly ran to my parent's room. My mom started laughing and calming me down while my dad told me to go to back to my room and continued teasing me because I woke him up! I had to beg him to put a trap in my room. However, they sent me back to my room, that has a rodent. My bed is just a matress and box board thing on the ground because I don't like bed frames, so it could easily climb onto my bed. I'm sorry if this sounds ridiculous. I am not scared of mice, bit was just startled. It also doesn't help that as a teenage girl I have unbalanced emotions in the dark, strange I know. Sorry for ranting and freaking out, but I needed to get that off my chest because I don't think I will be sleeping anytime soon.


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