Mario x Bryan SMUT (OoO)

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Marios POV:
I was tired and feeling a bit weird? I had been hit with some type of potion while exploring a old cupid temple *NO DUH? -Me* I walked in to see Bryan sitting and talking to the animals.God he looks so se-WHAT NO! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING MARIO?!"Uh Mario?" Asked Bryan "are you ok?", I then realised that I was standing there while holding my head."I-I'm fine Bryan!" I replied "I just have a headache!no need to worry about me!" He looked a bit concerned and I decided to change the subject "So hows it going?" I asked "It's been better , I'm a little bored since there's nothing to do" I looked at him, My heart Started to run faster and my face heated up "M-Mario Your face is all Red!!!" Screeched Bryan he quickly grabbed my hand an he raced towards his cabin.I guess I was a tomato by the time we got there because Bryan pushed me into his cabin."I'm going to get *I forgot Kays name! In origins of Olympus T~T*!" Yelled Bryan , I Grabbed his hips and swinged him into the cabin"Uhh..." Said Bryan, His face had a shocked expression from the action I had done . The last thing I remember was Him asking me what I did that for Before everything went black.
Bryan's POV:
"Oh nothing just wanted to see if your hips fit in my hands~*IDK how to put it! Just roll with it!* " I felt my face heat up ,Mario took a step towards me and had this look that had some desire and lust  in  it "Say  Bryan  have  you  done IT  Before~" He Asked as he walked towards me "N-No bu-" I was cut off by Mario pushing me onto the bed  .
Mario started to lick and kiss the poor brunettes neck , Bryan moaned and groaned as he continued,He let out a small gasp as Mario went over a spot on his neck.Mario went over it again and started to suck and bite it , He wanted to mark Bryan as his own *In this AU Bryan WAS single ;)* he started to attack Bryan's bottom lip, asking for entrance . He Groaned with annoyance when   Bryan  denied his permission. He quickly turned Bryan over and Spanked  Bryan's Ass . The Brunette squeaked and tried to hold tears back . Mario spanked  Bryan's ass again but I don't hurt him as much . He went on his back and pulled Mario's face , he let Mario explore his mouth and after a while they separated to breath. Mario felt his Cock get harder and harder by the second. He decided to get to the fun part and slowly took off his shirt , he took off his pants until he was completely naked , Bryan followed and he too took of his clothing. Bryan grabbed  Mario's Dick and started to lick the tip, Mario moaned softly Before he moaned loudly as Bryan took all of him in. Bryan started to suck his dick at a medium pace he started to go faster, Before long Mario cumed into his mouth . Mario was panting At how much attention  his "Buddy" had gotten.Mario turned Bryan on his chest and rubbed his entrance, Bryan  Groaned and had had enough when he pushed more of Mario into him "Aah~" he moaned as Mario's Dick entered him . He  started to cowgirl him and soon enough Mario Pounded into him "Ngh~ Mario be g-gentle~"  he whispered to his lover "I now you can take it ~" said Mario as he  pounded  into him again , he  started  to  go  slowly  as to torture Bryan for Not letting him  enter  his  mouth  the first time "F-Fuck~ Faster  ,Harder~" Moaned  Bryan and he did as told . It took a short amount of time for Bryan to cum , A few seconds later Mario pulled out of Bryan as he watched the white liquid pour out of him. "If I get pregnant I will gut you!" Said Bryan after cleaning , and explaining  everything  to  him after the potion whore off  and putting they're clothes back on " Why dint 't you buy a condom?" Whined Bryan as he walked with a sore ass.


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