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The lights were out when he got home from work. He thought you would be in bed by now but when he opened the door, he spotted you sleeping on the couch. He had told you countless of times not to wait for him but he didn't hate it either.

He approach your sleeping figure about to wake you up to move to your bedroom but seeing how peaceful you were he decided to carry you instead. Your back was facing so he gently turn your body and swiftly put his arms around your back.

"Honey?" your soft voice hummed and eyes half-open.

"I'm home," he whispers.

You reach your arms around his neck and nuzzling close to his shoulder. Awase carried you towards your shared bedroom.

"Welcome home," you finally said half-asleep.

He kissed your forehead and smiled as he tug you in bed.

"Sleep well, Y/N."



requested by: SuperKarina15

i'm sorry that it's too short and i tried as best as i could to make it seem fluff. i honestly forgot how to write this genre since yanno *side eyes my angsty one-shots*. but i do hppe you'll like this chapter and i put it as untitled cause im not sure what i should name this chapter yet.

thank you for requesting though!

and also, it's already 3:07am. i cam't seem to be falling asleep lately.

happy new year's in advance my lovely readers! here's to another year of survival! hope all of you will have the best new year and it's also the end of the decade and 2006 felt like it was just yesterday. thank you for the support!

p.s i'm sorry for the late update. i've been occupied with college stuff (ye it's the holiday but i still have some "school" work to do) and friends. (no parties cause i hate those). i'm also preparing myself for assignments cause i wanna graduate early and maybe take a gap year cause this lady is tired. orz

song recommend: he's just like the others - acid ghost.

qotd: advice to make friends?

aotd: don't think too much of the consequences. slowly open up yourself to people you think you feel comfortable with or let them approach you. be confident of yourself and never let your pessimism get the best of you. be mindful that there are good people out there. always know that you are never alone.

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